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BlueJ is a free integrated development environment for Java. It's designed to help novices learn Java and object-oriented programming, although the more experienced can also use it to develop simple applications. Where to download mac os sierra.

I am gone a tell you how you can download bluej on any PC platform like Mac os and others. Thank you for downloading BlueJ for Mac from our software portal. The download was scanned for viruses by our system. We also recommend you check the files before installation. The download version of BlueJ for Mac is 4.0. The download is provided as is, with no modifications or changes made on our side.

  1. The download version of BlueJ for Mac is 4.0. The download is provided as is, with no modifications or changes made on our side. BlueJ antivirus report. This download is virus-free. This file was last analysed by Free Download Manager Lib 5 days ago. Google Safe Browsing.
  2. BlueJ includes graphic and text editing and a built-in editor, among other great features. It allows you to see how objects are created and is excellent for students to see what’s in the memory. If you want to learn better how to use develop Java programs then this is the best option out there.
  3. BlueJ for Mac OS v.3.0 An integrated development environment (IDE) specifically aimed at teaching and learning Java programming at intro university or high school level. BlueJ offers unique tools that aid in learning and experimentation, such as interactive object.

The BlueJ download we're linking here contains its own code and Oracle's Java Development Kit, which is everything you need to get started. If you already have the JDK, though, smaller BlueJ-only downloads are available on the program's site.

The program installs without incident. It's developed by a University, so there's no adware, no registration, no unnecessary visits to their website or other marketing annoyances. If you are totally new to Java then you should probably begin with the BlueJ readme file (see C:Program Files (x86)BlueJREADME.TXT by default), which points you to a useful tutorial and offers other advice on getting started.

Download BlueJ for Mac - Interactive and open-source Java development environment that supports all popular platforms and comes with plenty of learning resources. Oct 31, 2020 BlueJ 4.0 for Mac is available as a free download on our software library. This free Mac app was originally developed by Neil Brown, Michael Kolling, Davin McCall, Philip Stevens, John Rosenberg, Ian Utting, Marion Zalk. The application lies within Developer Tools, more precisely IDE. This program's bundle is identified as org.bluej.BlueJ. Mac: On Mac OS X systems, Java is already available so you do not need to install it. Install NetBeans - BlueJ Edition. Click here to donwload NetBeans - BlueJ Edition; Then select and click 'NetBeansBlueJ-5.0Beta-060510-macosx.tar.gz' to Download for the MAC OS.

If you've some development experience and want to jump right in, then there are some small example projects in the BlueJ folder (C:Program Files (x86)BlueJexamples by default). We really do mean 'small', but there's enough for you to understand the BlueJ basics. You get an instant graphical view of your application's class structure; scope highlighting helps you understand the layout of your code; you can dynamically create objects, inspect them (check the right-click menu) and invoke their methods, even enter Java code and have it execute right away, no compilation required.

Version 4.0.1 (Changelog):

Fixed: Closing code editor kills created objects and clears the the object bench
Fixed: After switching to another language, Preferences disappear from the Mac app menu and some keyboard shortcuts will not work
Fixed: Debugger is not stopping on some Breakpoints
Fixed: Backspace doesn't work in Terminal on Mac
Fixed: Add «stereotype» markers again («/») in class diagram
Fixed: Lack of scrolling with lots of methods either in unit test, Class popup or Object popup menus
Fixed (MacOS X): Projects can't be opened with double click on 'package.bluej' when BlueJ is open

Download Bluej For Macbook Air

Bluej download for mac latest

BlueJ is an excellent development environment for learning Java, but its uncluttered interface and portability mean it may also appeal to the more experienced.

For Duke's courses, we will be using a custom version of the BlueJ Development Environment to develop our Java code. This environment has been used successfully by millions of programmers over 15 years and has been designed by educators at the University of Kent for teaching people new to programming. It does not require a lot of disk space (~200Mb) or processing power (~128Mb RAM) so it should run comfortably on any machine.

Bluej Download For Mac 64-bit

Mac OS X

On the Mac, BlueJ comes bundled with a Java Development Kit, JDK, so only a single download is needed.

  1. Expand the downloaded ZIP file
  2. Move the BlueJ application from the resulting folder to your preferred location


On Windows, BlueJ comes bundled with a Java Development Kit, JDK, so only a single download is needed.

  1. Download the Duke/Coursera specific version (choose Save instead of Run)
  2. Double-click the downloaded install file and follow the wizard to install it in your preferred location
  3. By default, the installer will place a shortcut to BlueJ on your desktop


On Linux, BlueJ does not come bundled with a Java Development Kit, JDK, so you will need to make sure it is installed as well. You must use version 1.8.x for this course. The instructions below assume you know how to use the command line and package manager.

  1. Check to see if a JDK is currently installed on your machine using the following command (again, any response that starts with 1.8 or higher is fine):
    javac -version
  2. If not, install Oracle's Java 8 JDK by following these instructions for Ubuntu/Debian or Fedora/RedHat
  3. Install xdg-utils using the package manager for your version of Linux (such as apt-get for Ubuntu/Debian or yum for Fedora/RedHat)
  4. Finally, run the following command in your shell to run a standard installation
    sudo dpkg -i BlueJ-linux-411-duke.deb
  5. The installer will install the application /usr/bin/bluej

Course Code Packages

These are included by default in our Coursera specific version of BlueJ, but in case you need them, you can also download just our code package files for Java (the code is compatible with any Java versions 6 or greater):

Bluej Download For Mac

BlueJ is open source software, meaning you can also download the source code.The copyright for BlueJ is held by M. Kölling and J. Rosenberg.
BlueJ is available under the GNU General Public License version 2 with the Classpath Exception.

These instructions are meant to help guide you through the process of setting up Java and the BlueJ integrated development environment on a personal computer running Mac OS X. Installing the software on your personal computer is optional; you have access to the software in the computer labs on campus.

I do not have access to a Mac so I am unable to test these instructions. I cannot guarantee that you will have no problems. If you choose to install the software on your own computer, you do so entirely at your own risk.

Step 1: If necessary, download and Install the Java SE Development Kit

Bluej Download For Mac Download

a. The instructions for loading Java on a Mac are at https://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/webnotes/install/mac/mac-jdk.html. The installation documentation indicates that you need OS X version 10.7.2 or later. If you have an earlier version of the operating system, Java is probably already on your computer. The installation instructions in the preceding step include instructions on how to check if you already have Java on your Mac. If so, jump down to step 2.

Install the Java Development Kit software first. This software includes the Java compiler, the Java API (Application Program Interface) files, and the Java virtual machine (which executes compiled Java programs). The table below contains some useful links.

Java Technology Home Pagehttps://java.sun.com
Java Software Download Page https://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp

The instructions that follow were written at the beginning of August. I cannot guarantee that the Java website will look exactly the same when you read this as it did then. However, unless the website has been drastically altered, you should be able to follow the directions even if the screen shots are not completely up-to-date.

b. I suggest you open the download page in a new tab (or a new window). On the download page you will find several options. You want to download the Java SE JDK (Standard Edition Java Development Kit). You can use either of the circled links shown below to begin the process:

c. On the next page, you should read the license agreement and if you want to continue then you will need to accept the license agreement and then click the link for the Mac OS X version:

Follow the installation instructions from part a above to complete the installation.

Step 2: Download and Install the BlueJ IDE

BlueJ is a free integrated development environment (IDE) that allows you to edit, compile, and run Java programs. The table below contains some links you might want to follow.

BlueJ Homehttps://www.bluej.org
BlueJ Softwarehttps://www.bluej.org/download/download.html
BlueJ Documentationhttps://www.bluej.org/doc/documentation.html

Go to the download page and be sure to download the Mac OS X version of the software:

According to the BlueJ installation instructions, all you have to do is expand the install file and move the resulting folder to your preferred location (for example Applications). They also recommend that you update to the latest Java version (via the Software Update feature).

You can view the BlueJ tutorial and the BlueJ reference manual (and other documentation) on the BlueJ documentation page. Both of these are PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) files. To view them you need Acrobat Reader which you can get from Adobe.

Bluej Download For Mac Software

Step 3: Add New Class Templates

When you create a new class in a project, BlueJ uses a template file to create a skeletal version of the new class. (It is not important, at this point, that you know what a class is.) BlueJ comes with several template files and in this step you will add some new ones. Right-click on each of the links below (one at a time), choose the Save Target As option, and save the file in the 'BlueJ/lib/english/templates/newclass' folder.

  • stdClass.tmpl (this actually replaces an existing template)
I suggest that once you've downloaded these files, you open each in a text editor and find the text '* @author Your Name' near the top. Replace the text 'Your Name' with your name (as the project author). For example, I would change this line to read '* @author D. Searls

Bluej Online


Bluej Download For Mac Os

Step 4. Add the Style Checker Extension

Finally, add the style checker extension to BlueJ. This is an extension of BlueJ that checks your source code for good programming style. Good style makes a program easier to read and to debug (find and fix errors). Before submitting a project, you should check the style of your project and correct any reported problems (they are called 'errors' but are really just problems with your style).

Bluej Download For Mac Os

Download the file checkstyle-extension-4.3-0.jar to the 'BlueJlibextensions' folder.