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OS: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard / Mac OS X 10.4.8 Tiger - CPU: Intel Core Duo Processor - RAM: 512 MB - Video: ATI X1600, NVidia 7300 GT, or X3100 Intel integrated graphics chip - This Game works with the GMA950 Grapics chip Mac mini owners) 3. Installing Game / using the Cider wrapper. Mac Ivors Medium (4.5% ABV) Mac Ivors Traditional Dry (5.6% ABV) Mac Ivors Juicy Session Cider (ABV4.2%) in 330ml cans. Distribution agreements in GB, ROI & across Europe including: France, Italy, Finland, Germany & Denmark. SuperValu/Centra and Tesco for stores in the ROI & NI. A delicious cider made using only natural ingredients and traditional methods – a lively cider that keeps people coming back for more. Using only the best apples from our orchards, we set to work and after many trial blends we created two distinct and perfectly balanced ciders – Mac Ivors Traditional Dry and Mac Ivors Medium. Since 1978, Apple CIDER has had a dedicated staff of volunteers who maintain the organization and help run meetings. Welcome to warm weather cider picks! I’m so excited to share my review of Rootstock Ciderwork’s Ruby Mac. Rootstock Ciderworks is a Rochester-area upstate New York Cidery that’s been around for a little while. The cidery was kind enough to share a few 2020 specialty releases with me. Today I’m offering my experience with the Ruby Mac.

After a brief hiatus in 2017, the beloved Port Macquarie Beer & Cider Festival will make its eagerly anticipated return in 2020. The festival will once again set up shop in its original home on Westport Park, armed with some of Australia’s best Beer and Cider makers.

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Set with the serene Hastings River as backdrop, the event will be held Saturday February 22nd, showcasing a spectacular and diverse range of craft beer and cider. More than fifty different beers and ciders are set to be represented, from a selection of the finest brewers, both locally and Australian-wide.

The family event will also feature the regions very best gourmet food market stalls, games and live music. The games area will be bursting with activities to keep kids of all ages entertained with a jumping castle, Bocce set up, giant Jenga play, and more.

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  • Instant Pot Apple Cider Price Breakdown. This recipe costs a total of $3.39 to make using discounted apples from the reduced produce cart at my grocery store. This comes out to $.42 per one cup serving. Try this Instant Pot apple cider for a delicious, refreshing homemade drink for fall and the holiday season.

With Cider, Mac users’ long wait for Mac OS X-native games is a thing of the past—Mac users will be able to run Cider-enhanced Windows games simultaneously or nearly simultaneously with their. Apple Cider Brined Smoked Pulled Pork is a bone in pork roast that gets soaked in a sweet and salty apple cider brine overnight, covered it in the best dry rub, and smoked to perfection on the grill. The meat is so tender that it shreds effortlessly and the flavor is unreal!

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This year’s festival will also see the return of the ever-popular Mid North Coast Beer Keg Toss; a nod to the long tradition of the Highland Games, the Beer Keg Toss famously relies on a combination of technique, timing and pure power to succeed. This year festival organisers are looking for the best male and best female Keg Throwers to take out $600 in cash and prizes. Qualifying heats will be run throughout the day and the penultimate final will decide the winner, and crown the king of the Keg Toss!

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To save the stress of driving home, we have once again partnered up with PORT BUS, to ensure that attendees can enjoy the afternoon of tastings without having to get behind the wheel.
The Port Macquarie Beer and Cider Festival will kick off at 1 pm and go through until 7:30 pm.
All patrons who purchased tickets to the November 16th 2019 event will still be able to attend the new date! The best part is you don't have to do anything! Your ticket is still valid


DJ Captain Peacock's famous local Radio show 'Dance Party in your Living Room' will be Live streamed at Propolis Brewing on Saturday 10/10 from 8PM - 10PM. The show will also stream live on KPTZ 91.9 FM Port Townsend.

The Captain: bastard love child between a sexy disco platypus and a virile techno mammoth. His spirit was forged of whirling star dust and Timothy Leary quotes, hammered together in the white hot crucible of warehouse raves and seedy underground clubs. Vanity his greatest vice, the strutting Captain Peacock makes his home on Earth, but the siren song of the cosmic sea constantly calls him to voyage the starry beyond. His mission is to help the people of Earth escape the crushing gravity of their situation.

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Disco devotee, and techno aficionado, Cap was weaned on funk, soul, electro and cheese-ball 80's pop and nu-wave. He now exists on a steady diet of psychedelic tech-house bangers, laser lights and strobes, and a dizzying pharmacopeia of illicit delights.

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His weekly radio show, 'Dance Party in Your Living Room,' hearkens back to the golden age of radio, an international audience glued to the magic vibrations every Saturday night. He mumbles and rants incoherently about all the usual new-age BS, whilst exposing the unsuspecting masses to an awesome array of dance-floor bombs and trippy ear-worms. Disco, House, Techno, Electro, some Trap and Drum n' Bass, and the everpresent euphoria of ecstasy influenced bass fizz can all be heard every Saturday night 8-10 pm PST. Microsoft excel 2016 free download for mac.

Last week, TransGaming announced Cider, a new game technology for Intel-based Macs that promises to shorten the time to market for Macintosh games. I sat down with TransGaming’s Chief Technology Officer Gavriel State to discuss Cider in between sessions at this week’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Cider enables Intel-based Macs to run Windows games, but it does so in a fundamentally different way than users can now—namely using Apple’s Boot Camp software and a copy of Windows. Instead, Cider “wraps” the Windows game so you don’t need Windows to be installed on your Mac; this enables you to run Windows games that have been adapted using Cider directly from Mac OS X itself.

Cider is an outgrowth of work that TransGaming has developed over the past six years that it sells to Linux users as Cedega, according to State. It’s a long-evolved descendant of the open source translation technology WINE, which TransGaming diverged from long ago as the company sought to provide a more fluid gaming experience to Linux users.

Windows gaming without the stench

Although Cider wraps the Windows game, TransGaming is still shooting for a fundamentally Mac-like gaming experience, according to State. “It is a Mac product,” State said. “The fact that underneath, part of it is running as a Windows EXE file is irrelevant.”

What’s more, State said, Cider can be extended using Mac-specific features. “You can have a Windows executable that makes a call to a Win32 DLL [Dynamic Linked Library] that can be compiled natively on the Mac,” he added.

In this way, Cider-wrapped games could conceivably incorporate more Apple-oriented technologies, such as Bonjour zero-configuration networking or iSight Webcam support, for example.

TransGaming hopes to see PC game publishers take a greater interest in vetting their games for use with Cider, eventually selling a single game disc that can be installed on Windows or Mac OS X installations.


“We have the potential for a same day-and-date hybrid release,” State said. “Then PC game publishers can take advantage of their existing marketing and distribution resources [to reach Mac users].”

Gamers familiar with Windows titles know that they often have to struggle with InstallShield wizards and other software that can complicate the game-playing experience. With Cider, State said, that’s not the case—TransGaming is shooting for a drag-and-drop Mac application experience. For games built with Cider, you simply open the CD or DVD the game is installed on, drag it to your Mac’s application folder, run it, and begin to play.

New business model

Cider could also change the nature of the Mac game conversion market. Companies like Aspyr, MacSoft, Feral Interactive and Virtual Programming take existing PC titles and extensively rework the source code to get it to run on the Mac. That can take months, even as much as a year or more in some cases. With Cider, the game conversion process is counted in days or weeks. And while TransGaming is focused on bringing PC game publishers into the Mac fold, it’s not precluding doing deals with Mac game companies, as well.

“We’re open to talking with different companies,” State said.

While it’s hard to pin down exactly how long it takes to adapt a game to run on Mac OS X using Cider, State said it’s usually a matter of weeks. What’s more, in some cases, Cider developers don’t even need to see the game’s original source code in order to get it to work on Mac OS X—an enormous time-saver for companies who work on Mac game conversions.

An appealing aspect of Cider for game publishers is that TransGaming isn’t expecting a licensing fee up front; instead, it wants to share the revenue of a game that’s been adapted using Cider. State says that it’s entirely possible using server-based authentication and other forms of security to see whether a new player registering a game is playing that game inside of Cider or natively on a Windows machine.

A bright future for Mac games

“We think there’s a viable market for games on the Mac platform,” State said. “I really believe that even today, with the existing Mac game market the way it is, there’s a lot of potential.”

“There are publishers who are in the Mac game market today and are making money. What’s really exciting, though, is Apple’s transition to an Intel architecture. What Cider offers gives us an example of what can be done with this exceptional new hardware,” State added.