Cloning Hard Drive Mac Os X

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Stephen Korecky June 7, 2007 TutorialsMacBackups

When you need to clone your drive, or simply do a full backup, someone usually tells you to use Carbon Copy Cloner (Donation Recommended) or SuperDuper! ($27.95). Sure, both of these applications are great programs, but they aren’t necessary. You can use Apple’s own software that comes free with your Mac!

We’re talking about Disk Utility ( User > Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility.app ) It’s free, easy-to-use, and it does the job right. Here’s how to use Disk Utility to clone and backup your hard drive:

  1. Start up from the Mac OS X disk that came with your Mac. To do this, insert the CD or DVD into your Mac, and hold down the C key while your Mac restarts.

  2. Go ahead select your language. Don’t worry: You’re not installing Mac OS X again - this is just what you have to do to get to Disk Utility. When the menu bar appears, select Disk Utility from the Utilities menu.

  3. When Disk Utility opens, you’ll want to select your source. This is the hard drive you want to clone and/or backup. After you have a source, select the Destination. This is the hard drive you want to save the backup image to.

  4. Click Restore and you’ll end up with a perfect copy of your hard drive. Restart your computer and you’re good to go!

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If you need a backup and cloning app that can do practically everything, ChronoSync should do the trick. Disk Utility, which is built in to Mac OS X (just see your Hard Drive - Applications. Until macOS 10.15 Catalina, Mac users knew: their startup volume was a single volume, just as it appeared! (Okay, for Fusion drive users, there are two physical drives managed by software to.


Cloning Hard Drive Mac Os X 10 10 Yosemite Download

How To Clone Mac Hard Disk ?

Cloning the hard disk means creating something that exactly functions like the original. The cloned one is not an original but seems to be the same when compared. Mac operating system is quite different from windows. Once people use windows they find it very difficult to use Mac operating system and vice versa. These two are entirely different from each other and the procedures to perform some operations are also entirely different.

So what exactly does cloning do? Cloning will help you make a bootable copy of your hard drive in a totally different drive. You could say we can use the copy command and copy from one hard disk to the other. However, all the flies will be copied the other copied hard disk will not boot. Cloning helps you make a bootable copy.

Here are some of the things you will need for cloning on Mac operating system:

  • A Mac with Mac OS X Tiger or Leopard
  • A new hard drive
  • A FireWire or USB enclosure for the drive
  • A cloning software

In order to copy, plug in the hard drive and switch the computer on. You will have to format the new hard disk that you are about to clone first and for this you will be required to use the format command. Once it is ready, you can use disk utility and you will find the formatting option here also. When you select erase from the drop down list your new disk will be formatted and ready for use. You will need software for cloning and once you have found a suitable one start the software. Most of them walk you through the entire process and it is actually a no brainier procedure.


Cloning Hard Drive Mac Os X 10 11 Download Free

Cloning Hard Drive Mac Os X

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