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Vsco Film Free Download Mac Download Chrome From Terminal Mac Netviewer Dvr Software Download Mac Download Mac Os X Full Netviewer 2.0 Download Mac Grunge Font Free Download Mac Quicktime 7.3 Download Mac Lego City Undercover Mac Download Popcorn Time Butter Download Mac. First, go ahead and download the Chrome Browser. Use this link to do so. Follow the onscreen instructions and install the Chrome Browser on your Mac. Now, click and open the System Preferences on the Mac. In the System Preferences window, click on the General tab. This will open a new window with General Settings options.

Google Chrome a fork of open source Chromium browser is no doubt, one of the most popular browsers today. Most of the users loved using Google Chrome not only because of the great user interface but also for its rich Web Store which offers a plethora of different apps for almost all class of users. Though Windows and Mac users can easily download and start using Chrome, the scenario is not the same for the Linux users. Yes, both Google Chrome and Chromium is available for Linux, but most users do not know the process of getting it, as it involves some apparently complex steps to start getting into the comfort zone by using Chrome. Ubuntu is the most popular distribution of Linux, and if you want to find out, how to install Google Chrome in Ubuntu 32 bit or 64 bit, you can get your answer here.

Getting Chromium is quite easy from the Ubuntu Software Center, and the same can be for Google Chrome, but I prefer the Ubuntu terminal to download and install apps. Because it is easier for me, and offer a number of other advantages. So, today here in this tutorial I will discuss the process of installing Google Chrome on Ubuntu using Terminal, and also the process of opening it. Without further delay, let’s start with the process to download Google Chrome for Ubuntu 64 bit or 32 bit. I have tried this tutorial on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and same of Ubuntu 17.10. Also, the tutorial should be work in the same way, on other editions of Ubuntu, as well.

Steps to download and set up Chrome on Ubuntu

  1. The first step to download and install Google Chrome for Ubuntu 16.04 32 bit or 64 bit is to open the ‘Terminal’, and type the following command.
  1. Type it, and hit the enter key, without the quotes.
  1. Now, once the prompt appears again, just type the following without quotes, and hit the enter key again. It will set the repository.
  1. Now, update the packages by typing ‘sudo apt-get update’, without the quotes, and then hit the enter key.
  1. Finally, just type ‘sudo apt-get install google-chrome-stable’, without quotes, and hit the enter key.
  1. This process will take a lot of time, depending upon the speed of your system and your internet connection, as it will download Google Chrome, and will install the same. Once that is done, Chrome for Ubuntu 32 bit or 64 bit is installed on your system.

Opening Google Chrome in Ubuntu

Now, how to open Google Chrome on Ubuntu, once the installation is complete?

Download chrome for mac terminal app

There are two ways of opening Chrome 32 bit or 64 bit on Ubuntu, after it is installed.

From GUI

On the top left corner of your Ubuntu desktop, just click on ‘Search your computer’, and type Chrome. You should get Chrome in the search results. Just click on that, and Chrome for Linux should start.

Open Ubuntu Using command line terminal


Just type ‘google-chrome-stable’, without quotes, and hit the enter key. Google Chrome for Ubuntuwill start.

Hope the small tutorial was helpful for you. Faced any troubles? Feel free to comment it down below, and I will answer as soon as possible.

How to uninstall Google chrome completely from Ubuntu Linux

To uninstall Chromium Browser from the Ubuntu via terminal run the following commands:

If you want to install or remove Google Chrome completely then run these commands from your terminal on Ubuntu:

Both first commands given above will remove all the packages of the respective browser whereas the second command will remove the custom settings such as plugins, etc.


Download Chrome For Mac Terminal Extension

The world's number 1 browser

Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser in the world. Users enjoy its fast loading speed, cross-device integration, and tabbed browsing. Google Chrome does not come installed as a standard on new Macs or PCs. Their native web browsers (Safari and Microsoft Edge, respectively) are automatically installed, forcing users to install Chrome themselves.

Seamless internet navigation

Chrome is an ideal browser to enjoy easy, coordinated online browsing across various devices.

Whether you have a new Mac or an older one, Google Chrome sets the bar high for web browsers. You want a browser that is safe, easy to use, syncs data and content across all your devices, and operates quickly. Google Chrome is the solution that over 63% of the world turns to and with good reason. Mac users have distinguished taste and as such, expect high quality in their hardware and software products. Google Chrome delivers this to Mac users with its low CPU usage, reliability, and overall browsing experience. It delivers a high-quality browsing experience to Mac users with its low CPU usage, reliability, tabbed browsing, cross-device syncing, and lighting fast loading speed.
Google Chrome for Mac has a laundry list of features, earning its spot as the top web browser of choice for both Mac and PC users. It offers thousands of extensions, available through the Chrome web store, providing Mac owners with even more functionality. Adobe Flash is also available when you install Chrome on your Mac. The overall appearance is professional and clean. Enjoy customized browser preferences including your homepage of choice, sync and Google services, Chrome name and picture, importing bookmarks and settings, autofill capabilities (passwords, payments, addresses, etc.), toolbars, font, page zoom, and startup settings. Chrome’s user interface is incredibly easy to navigate. Multi-tasking just got easier with tabbed browsing, which not only helps productivity, but looks clean and organized. Since Chrome can be downloaded on all of your devices (computers, phones, tablets), if you open a browser or perform a search on one device, Chrome will auto-sync that work stream on your other devices. If you look up a dinner recipe at work on your Mac but need the ingredient list at the grocery store? No problem - pull up the same tab within Chrome on your iPhone. Once you are home and ready to start cooking, just pull up the same Chrome recipe tab on your tablet. With the world moving faster than ever before, functionality like this can help make life a little easier.
Chrome’s password, contact information, and payment autofill capabilities are revolutionizing users’ online experience. Upon your consent, Chrome’s autofill feature will easily fill out your name, address, phone number, email address, passwords, and payment information. If it’s time to register your child for the soccer season but your wallet is downstairs, Google Chrome has your back, helping you easily fill in the data, so you can stay in your comfy chair. Chrome will only sync this data on your approved devices, so you can rest easy that your information is safe. CPU usage is immensely important when choosing a web browser. Keep your Mac’s CPU free by browsing with Google Chrome, maximizing overall system performance. Chrome for Mac is currently available in 47 languages. It can only be installed on Intel Macs, currently limiting its userbase. Mac users can manage how their browsing history is used to personalize search, ads, and more by navigating to their 'Sync Settings' within Chrome. Encryption options, auto-completion of searches and URLs, similar page suggestions, safe browsing, and enhanced spell check are also available within the settings tab, helping users feel more in control of their browsing experience. Users also have the option to 'help improve Chrome' by automatically sending usage statistics, crash reports, visited URLs, and system information to Google, or can easily opt out within Chrome’s settings.

Where can you run this program?

Google Chrome is available on MacOS X Yosemite 10.10 or later, Windows 7 or later, Android, and iOS devices. Chrome may successfully install on devices with lesser system requirements; however, Google only provides support on a system meeting the minimum system requirements.

Is there a better alternative?

For Mac users, Safari is the standard out-of-the-box browser installed on new devices. Most users prefer a web browser with better functionality than Safari. Chrome is harder on a Mac’s battery life than Apple’s native Safari browser. However, Chrome comes out ahead of Safari in terms of browsing speed, extensions, and video loading capabilities. Safari does have many of Chrome’s features such as tab syncing across devices and auto-filling based on previous searches. Mozilla Firefox is another commonly used web browser among Mac users, though its memory usage knocks it down on the list of competitors. The main draw to Mozilla Firefox over Chrome is that because Firefox is open source, nothing fishy is going on behind the scenes. Google is notorious for capturing and using data which rightfully makes people uncomfortable.

Our take

Mac users tend to do things their own way. You’ve opted for the non-mainstream computer hardware, so using the native installed Safari browser seems in character. Safari’s minimalist look draws Mac users in as well. Google Chrome is much more 'going along with the crowd'. Putting that aside, Mac owners should dig into what they really use their web browsers for, and determine if data privacy or features is more important to them. Better yet, why not have two browsers?

Should you download it?

Yes. For Mac users, Google Chrome’s quick speed and helpful features makes it an excellent web browser choice. Google’s controversial collection of personal and usage data is sure to make some pause on whether to install Chrome or not. However, if you are comfortable or indifferent to Google’s data collection, go for it; the browser's overall functionality is impressive.


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  • Fast loading speed
  • Thousands of extensions available via the chrome web store
  • Tabbed browsing synced across devices
  • Convenient auto-fill


Chrome For Mac Download Dmg

  • Available on MacOS X Yosemite 10.10 or later
  • Google’s aggressive data collection practices

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