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Downloads in anderen Sprachen. 8/10 (137 votes) - Download iTunes Mac Free. Download iTunes for Mac right now free of charge, the official player and cataloger by Apple. ITunes is also necessary to manage iOS mobile devices. ITunes is the multimedia player by Apple, the core of the entertainment on your Mac, as well as.

Download itunes 12.8 for macbook air

Download Itunes 12.8 Mac Free

How to download iTunes 12.8.1 on my MacBook Air?


The MacBook Air currently runs on macOS Catalina version 10.15.3. iTunes version is the current version on the MacBook.

Download Itunes 12.8 Mac

I tried to install the iTunes installation 12.8.1 and/or 12.8.2 but both did not work because of the following message: 'for this update macOS version 10.10.5 is required'.

I did not understand the message because I have version 10.15.3 macOS software installed. Therefore I restarted my MacBook and did the same presedure once again. Then the following message occured: 'for this update macOS version 10.13.99 is required'. Typical, that the required macOS version is different.

Download Itunes 12.8 Update

Download Itunes 12.8 Macbook

Who can help to install iTunes 12.8.1 on my MacBook?

Download Itunes 12.8 Mac Download

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Posted on Mar 3, 2020 12:54 AM