Download Setup Vpn For Mac

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Jul 15, 2021 Connecting Your Mac to Your VPN. Once you initially set up your VPN, connect to it in the future is a breeze! Click on the Apple menu and then on System Preferences. Select the Network icon. Select your VPN service on the list at the left-hand side of the box. If a Configuration pop-up menu appears, choose the appropriate configuration. Open firewalla app, tap on VPN=Setup, click 'Download VPN profile', and airdrop that to your MAC 3. Open the dropped file on Mac with tunnelblick application. In the meantime, please.

Download Setup Vpn For Mac

This article is just for Mac users who want to setup VPN on Mac Sierra and I will share a complete guide on how to configure Free VPN on Mac. I will share Free VPN sites list for Apple Mac and you can set up a Free VPN on your Mac easily.

What is Free VPN for Mac Sierra?

A tech geek always likes to do something interesting with his tech gadgets. And, a Mac user always tries to make the internet easy and comfortable. The internet gets easier and better with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) because of features and limitless internet stuff around the world. Some websites and applications are restricted in a particular region or countries. So, to enjoy the same websites and apps, we need to set up a VPN on Mac or iPhone. You can also access blocked websites in Schools, colleges easily with our tutorial.

Benefits of Using VPN on Mac

If you want to enjoy seamlessly browsing, you must try out a VPN on your system right now and then, you realize a VPN is really amazing. A VPN provides a lot of features and some of them are as follows:

  • Safe browsing on public Wi-Fi
  • VPN hides Location easily
  • It allows accessing blocked content on the Internet
  • Security for file sharing
  • and much more…

How To Set up VPN on MAC Sierra for Free

When we ask to set up a VPN on Mac Sierra, it looks like a big game but it’s like installing an Android app on the mobile phone. Setting up a VPN is too easy for your Mac. Apple has provided a hassle-free software for VPN on MacOS and you can set it up easily.

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Download setup vpn for mac os

Top Methods to Set up a VPN on Mac Sierra

Here, I am writing various methods to setup VPN on your macOS and you can follow any method that suits your needs. Here are the methods:

#1 Using 3rd Party Software

Download Setup Vpn For Mac Download

Most of the VPNs are providing its own software for all systems and devices. So, it’s a good option to set up VPN using third-party software. When you purchase a VPN from offline or online market, you get a DVD and software installation guide for the complete installation.

Forexample, if you buy ExpressVPN from the official website, you get a zip file including software manual and installation file inside the zip file. So, you need to install the main executable file and follow the instructions written in the readme file.

Vpn Software Mac

#2 Using Apple’s Networking Tools


Apple has its own built-in support for adding VPN connections for macOS. Yes! I am talking about Apple’s own networking tools. To access this networking tools on macOS, please follow:

  • System Preferences > Network > Plus

Now, you have the option to add a VPN connection. Please pick the VPN type (protocol) and you can set any name to this connection. For more info, please the instructions as mentioned on the screen.

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#3 Using OpenVPN – TunnelBlick

OpenVPN is another option for setting up VPN on MacOS. TunnelBlick is just simple and easy to install on the system. I want to tell you that TunnelBlick is a free and open-source tool which provides an easy-to-manage GUI that helps in connection your Mac via OpenVPN.

You can add lists of various connections using its feature downloadable configurable files and then select different servers by tapping on the menu icon on the same screen.

Download Setup Vpn For Mac Free

Last Words on How to Set up a Free VPN on MacOS Sierra System

Forticlient Vpn Setup For Mac Download

So, I have written all possible methods to install VPN on MAC OS sierra and now you have choices to follow for your system. If you get any problem in setting up VPN, don’t forget to write in comment box.