How To Make The Library Folder Visible On Mac

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May 17, 2012 I haven't tried it to verify it works, but there is a faster way to make the Library folder visible. For most Mac users, the Library folder remains out of sight, out of mind. When Apple rolled out. Mar 21, 2017 Starting with OS X Mavericks, Apple included an option within the Finder app to make the /Library folder always viewable. By default, the /Library folder is still hidden, but you can change that setting by using the Finder’s View settings. Open a Finder window on your home folder. From the Finder’s View menu, select Show View Options. One of the many perks of upgrading to OS X 10.9 Mavericks is that it’s now much easier to make your user Library folder visible. Since Lion, Apple began hiding users’ Library folders, but for.

The Library Menu Item is not readily available in the top-menu bar on your Mac. However, it is really easy to reveal the Hidden Library Menu Item and open the Library Folder on Mac.

Access Library Menu and Open Library Folder On Mac

In addition to the Library Folder located at the top-level of Hard Drive, macOS creates an additional Library Folder for every User Account on Mac.

This User Level Library Folder contains multiple files storing settings, preferences and other data for various Apps and Programs on the Mac.

While you may not currently find any need to Open Library Folder, you will find the need to Access Library the Folder for troubleshooting purposes.

Hence, it is good idea to be familiar with the steps to Access the Hidden Library Menu and Open the Library Folder on your Mac.

1. Open Library Folder on Mac Using Option Key

Click on the Finder Icon > press and hold the Option key on the keyboard > select Go tab in top-menu bar and click on the Library option that becomes available in the drop-down menu.

Note: Press the Alt Key in case you are using an external Windows keyboard with your Mac.

Clicking on the Library Menu option will take you straight to the Library Folder on your Mac.

2. Open Library Folder On Mac Using “Go to Folder” Option

Another way to Open the Library Folder on Mac is by using the Go to Folder option, as available in macOS.

Click on Finder Icon > select the Go tab in top-menu bar and click on Go to Folder… option in the drop-down menu.

In Go to Folder window, type ~/Library, and click on the Go button.


This will immediately take you to the Library Folder on your Mac.

3. Permanently Unhide Library Menu On Mac

How To Make The Library Folder Visible On Mac Desktop

It is also possible to permanently unhide the Library Menu in the top-menu bar of your Mac by using the Terminal to run chflags nohidden ~/Library/ Command.

Open the Finder on your Mac > select the Go tab from top menu-bar and click on Utilities in the drop-down menu.

On Utilities screen, open the Terminal. App by double-clicking on it.

In Terminal window, type chflags nohidden ~/Library/ and Press the Enter key to submit your command for execution.

Once the command is executed, you will see the Library Menu item being clearly visible and permanently unhidden in the top menu-bar of your Mac.

You can always go back to the default Hidden Library option by running chflags hidden ~/Library/ command in the Terminal.

Open the Terminal on your Mac, type chflags hidden ~/Library/ and press the Enter Key on the keyboard of your Mac.

How To Make The Library Folder Visible On Macbook

Once the Command is executed, you will find the Library Menu option being hidden in the Go Menu.