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Mar 29, 2017 Lastly, Apple owns FileMaker which is a Mac/PC-friendly database system. While waiting for the IT pros to assist with a plan, call the team at Filemaker and see what they can do for you.

If you also possess the iDatabase for Mac, you can do it with the Wi-Fi Sync function. Another great feature is the ability to share your work with friends and colleagues via email, in several. Features and functions: This free database software for Mac provides a complete.

Recipe Manager Software – let us create our very own recipe database.

Is your passion in life is cooking? Do you love to try best recipes from all around the world? Then you must know how valuable these recipes are, and you must store them in such a way, that generation after generation it can be passed on.

Through technological advancement recipe managers software is capable of storing numerous recipes in a virtual platform. You can upload your recipes and add videos too. Software details of this type discussed below:


It is an extremely fun software for sharing your recipes. The unique features it offers are- It has a user-friendly interface, your own recipes can be added easily, equipped with auto generation of the shopping list and plans for menu and import and export of recipes from the internet possible. Compatible with windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and kindle.

Now You’re Cooking!

This recipe software has the ability to store recipes by importing your own recipes and importing recipes from the net in 14 languages. Nutritional value analysis and calculation of diet possible for any recipe. Supports Windows operating system, and has a 60 day trial pack available, full version needs to be purchased.

Home Cookin

This is a Recipe organizer software for adding your own recipes with no limitations to any ingredients. It is an easy and fast program which can plan your meals, can organize shopping list for ingredients and gives you the freedom of creating your own e-book. 15 day trial period available, full version needs purchasing.

Master Cook

It is a software tool needed to organize recipes against cooking for home or cooking for professional needs, and all related activities and turning into custom cookbooks. Planning the menus, shopping list, meals and calculation of nutritional value for each recipe. Compatible with Windows and Android devices. 1 year subscription free if ordered.

Living Cookbook 2015

This is an extremely good software for entering as much as recipes you want and its related notes, images and videos. It works as a calculator of nutritional benefits against each recipe. Planning meals, downloading recipes and sharing recipes with friends made easy. 30 Days trial available, then buy the full version.


This is a Recipe software for Mac computers, for adding your own recipes and it enables you to import recipes from the 11 most popular recipe websites available. It can create grocery list, plan the menus and makes browsing, e-mailing and printing your favourite recipes very easy. Recipe cards can be created for distributing in any parties too.

Computer Cuisine Deluxe 7.0

Through this powerful software you can create your own recipes and organize them by uploading. Import innumerable lip smacking recipes from various sources of the net. It is compatible with devices using Windows and Mac operating system, and also with iOS devices like ipads and iphones. Free demo version available and full version needs to be purchased.


It is a recipe management software and provides a very easy to use interface which can organize all the recipes and calculate its nutritional value. You can create high quality themes for each recipes and add notes and images corresponding to that. It is compatible with Mac operating system and all Apple devices.

What is Recipe Manager Software?

Recipe manager software are used for storing a collection of recipes on a virtual platform which can be accessed through computers, laptops, tabs and even smartphones. This software are made to perform their task in a very smart way. Some very useful and unique features are instilled into them for performing according to our needs. Importing and exporting of recipes from various platforms are possible through this. For each recipe, its nutritional value can be analyzed for calculating a number of calories you are to consume from the food. This helps in creating a proper diet for each individual.

Meal planning and shopping list creation for ingredients can be auto created. Organizing the recipes and adding needed information through videos, images and notes are also the features which this software supports. It can calculate a number of ingredients you need for each recipe requested by you. It can create different themes for each recipe.

How to install Recipe Manager Software?

From the various Recipe manager software available in the market you will have to pick whichever suits your needs and supports your operating system for the device you use. The next step involves downloading the installation file into your system. After that run the file and follow the instructions available through the installation wizard. When it is done, start the program by clicking on its icon. When it starts, the interface will be there to guide as what is to be done next. Upload your recipes, import from various sites, add images and how to videos and save your valuable recipes as a part of your possession.

Benefits of Installing Recipe Manager Software

Recipe manager software plays a very important part in our day to day life. People who are interested in cooking or has cooking as their passion in life always would prefer to store their collection of recipes properly. Jotting down the recipes or getting printouts and making a spiral book file is ok. But needs tremendous care and space in keeping them. Even heavy recipe books are very difficult to handle and might get lost. For avoiding these problems, for proper organization of your recipes, this software come to rescue.

You can store millions of recipes of your choice, can plan your meals by assembling few recipes together and can share your culinary skills with every friends and family of yours by creating e-books as well. By getting this software you can have a recipe database anyone can be jealous of and which can be passed on to the generations to follow.

Free Windows Recipe Manager Software

BigOven is the best option available, if you are looking for free windows Recipe manager software. The features provided by this software includes, organizing the recipes, saving any recipe from the net, creating grocery lists, nutritional value analysis and creating meal plans and exporting recipes of your own on the internet.

Free Android Recipe Manager Software

My CookBook

My Cookbook is the best option for managing your prized recipes for your Android smartphones and tabs. The free cookbook software offers you features of storing numerous recipes, importing recipes of your own or through the internet and a single click search feature. This recipe manager app is free of any type of virus threat.

Free Mac Recipe Manager Software

Recipe Manager for Mac is the best free Recipe manager software available in the market for Mac operating system. It is a simple basic software for entering all your recipes for planning your menu and planning the shopping for food items. This does not require installation, launch directly when download finishes.

Other good Recipe Manager Software Available

There are many other options for Recipe manager software available in the market. The names of such software are Shop’NCook, Pepperplate, Evernote Food, Side chef, Kitchen tories, Tender, Appetites, Paprika recipe manager for mac and Paprika recipe manager for PC. Paprika recipe manager free download available as trial also, Paprika recipe manager review is very good and it is recommended. All the other software mentioned are also very good as per experts and user reviews.

Most Popular Recipe Manager Software for 2016

MasterCook has been considered as the best and most popular Recipe manager software for 2016, according to users and expert reviews. Over 8000 recipes come equipped with this software. Menu planning and shopping for food planning features are supported here and verbal instructions for cooking is also available. It makes the experience of being in the kitchen and cooking more worthy.

Collate and Manage data conveniently with Best Database management app for mac – /mac-os-yosemite-format-a-drive-fat32/. Managing hefty database could be a daunting task if you don’t follow a proper methodology. However, if you are a mac user then there are a plethora of options which makes things expedient for you.
There are several third party database management applications for mac which are not only easy to install but are convenient to use. If you are in a hunt for some of the best database management app for mac then you must know about the following apps.

Ninox for mac

Ninox for mac is an easy to use flat-file database system through which the users can create or manage heavy databases in minutes. This database management app for mac has excellent features like grouping, calculations, multiple filters and table relations. Its ability to sync through iCloud makes the data accessible from multiple devices.

Sequel Pro for mac: Best database management app for mac

Sequel pro for mac is an excellent database management app for mac users who need to work upon MySQL databases. This application allows the user to choose their preferred language which includes Ruby, PHP, BASH or Python.

It has the ability to automatically highlight the custom queries. The user can also customize the query editor font. /driver-hp-f4580-mac-os/. One of the most magnificent facets of this application is that the user can easily set up a connection with the local MySQL server on their mac device which further makes it one of the best database management app for mac.

Querious for mac

With this DB application for mac working on vast databases has become an easy task. Some of the best features of this application are its ability to view, search, edit, export, import, configure and monitor the MySQL databases.

Querious for mac allows the user to open raw CSV or Tab files and further lets them split, join, add, remove, reorder and process various rows and columns. This database management app for mac doesn’t only deal with managing the data. It also enables you to check the status of a server such as the number of connections, bandwidth used and the queries running on the server.

iDatabase for mac:

iDatabase for mac is a convenient database application for the mac users who wish to manage multiple data which may include their expenses, projects, membership lists etc. The application presents around 22 ready to access database templates through which the users can manage any kind or type of information.

Some of the popular templates include inventory, movie catalog, accounts, projects, records, expenses, events, vehicle management amongst others. iDatabase for mac can be easily synchronized through WiFi for iPhone.

Valentina Studio for mac:

Valentina studio for mac has excellent features which include database schema editor through which the user can easily create and modify schema objects of supported databases which include a table, views, fields, enums etc.

With the help of diagram editor, the user can design new diagrams and explore various existing databases visually. Some of the other convenient features include SQL editor, Query Builder, Related data editor amongst others.

The mac users surely have umpteen options to choose from when it comes to the best database management app for mac. However, the above-mentioned mac database management apps are considered to be the best database management apps for mac. Expedient features and easy user interface make database management an effortless procedure for the mac users.

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Best Database For Mac Os

I Database For Mac Computers

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I Database For Mac Free


Our Verdict

Apimac’s iDatabase 2.3 is a basic flatfile database application that offers 22 templates and 14 different field data options for handling a variety of data types. While it doesn’t go deep in terms of features, iDatabase does offer enough in the way of basics that it may fill your low-end database needs.

iDatabase is an app that, like the discontinued Bento, uses a single window for creating, editing, and managing your databases. At the top of the window are three tabs titled Open, Use, and Define. The Open tab is used to create new databases, Use opens the database you’ve selected in the Open tab for editing, and Define is used to update, add, or remove database fields.

When creating a new database, iDatabase offers the option of starting from a pre-defined template or from scratch using a blank file. Among the included templates are forms for book and CD collections, class lists, computer inventories, and exercise logs. All of the the templates provide a good foundation for creating databases that suit your specific needs, but as they are they lack necessary fields and need further configuration to be truly useful. For example, if you use the built-in movie database you’ll notice that, among other things, it is missing pick lists for movie genre and lacks a release date field. These are easy enough to add to the template and once you’ve made these changes you can use your updated database as the basis for a new template. But, out of the box, the templates that ship with the app are not complete enough to be useful.

iDatabase offers 14 field types for handling the different types of data you may want to enter. Small Text fields offer a single line of text you can use to enter something like a name, address, city, or state. Large Text fields handle an unlimited amount of text, which you can use for notes or other multi-line text. Calculation Fields take the data entered into two Number fields and perform a basic calculation using the data in those fields. Password Fields offer a way to hide and secure the data you enter and, if you secure all your databases with a password, can require the entry of that password before someone is allowed to view or copy the information stored in the field. While all the fields handled the data they were designed to, I found the calculation field to be limited, only offering options for basic math. Also, iDatabase’s media field only allows for image files, not video or audio files—a limitation that makes the field less useful than it should be.


When it comes to making changes to your forms iDatabase offers little in the way of customization. You can move fields up or down on the form, but it’s not possible to put fields side by side. iDatabase also makes the first field you create a key field, which means it must appear as the first field on your form. It’s possible to make a different field the key field after the fact, but because this field must be the first field it limits how you can place fields on the form.

Idatabase For Mac Reviews

I found some oddities when naming my databases files. When creating a new database I named it using a forward slash in the name—Classes 2013/14—then clicked the Create button. The app didn’t create the new database and it didn’t give me any error messages. A little digging revealed that iDatabase couldn’t handle the slash in the file name. To be fair, the / character is used in the UNIX underpinnings of the Mac OS to designate a directory switch, but it wasn’t obvious that this was the reason iDatabase couldn’t create the new file. A simple message stating that a slash character isn’t allowed would have eliminated my initial confusion and offered a solution.

Printing is the final sore point for iDatabase. The app does offer printing options but they’re not all that useful. You can either print the form view for each of your records, which, depending on the size of your database, could be a rather large print job, or you can print the list view of your records. Unfortunately the list view offers no customization options and, oddly, it prints from the bottom of the page up rather than from the top down.

I Database For Mac

Idatabase For Mac

Bottom line

I Database For Mac Os

If your needs are basic, iDatabase offers a good way of creating personalized databases and collecting the information you want, but it doesn’t go deep enough. Limited customization and poor printing options make iDatabase little more than a way of collecting digital records of your data.