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Inkscape is professional quality vector graphics software which runs onWindows, Mac OS X and Linux. It is used by design professionals andhobbyists worldwide, for creating a wide variety of graphics such asillustrations, icons, logos, diagrams, maps and web graphics. Inkscape usesthe W3C open standard SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) as its native format,and is free and open-source software.

— Inkscape Overview

In this tutorial you can learn how to setup your tablet, which uses theevdev driver, working in this software.

Inkscape 0.48.3 has been released at the begining of 2012. This is thelatest version of the program and this version is what you can find inmany Linux distributions.

Tablet setup

In order to setup your tablet choose File>Input devices from themenu. The Input Devices dialogue appears as a docked dialogue. Onthat dialogue select your device and set it’s mode to Screen. Thefollowing image illustrate this step.

If you have a multiple input device (like a pen with a mouse), it a bithard to choose which one is the pen, since they both got identicaldevice names. In this case on this dialogue click on the Hardware tab.You can see how many axes a device has. A mouse has two axes, a pen hasmore than two axes, so with this information you can select which deviceyou want to configure.

Then go back to the Configuration tab and set up your device asdescribed above.

Testing the device

After you have configured the device you can test it too. In order to dothat click on the Hardware tab of the Input Devices dialogue.Start drawing on the Test Area and you can see the how the data fromthe pen changes.

(On the dialogue the axes represents the following data (from top tobottom): X coordinate, Y coordinate, Pressure, X tilt, Y tilt, Wheel.)

You can find more information about Inkscape on the official website ofthe software.

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This page is added as mini-TOC of Mac information on this Wiki, and a scratch pad for Mac stuff awaiting a home of its own.

Installing Inkscape

Inkscape for Mac OS X is an X client: it runs under the X Windows System. You will need an X Windows Server installed for it to work. For 10.4.x users, X11 can be installed from your installation DVD. For 10.3.x users, you can get Apple's X Server, or use XDarwin.

Since version 0.43, the Inkscape deliverable has been a disk image with a properly packaged Mac OS X Bundle -- Inkscape.app. You can simply drag the Inkscape icon to where is most convenient for you, usually your Applications folder or possibly your Desktop. This hardly warrants the grandiose title or style of 'installing', but it does mean that un-installing is simple and complete -- just drag the icon to the Trash when you are finished with Inkscape and no longer want it.

From version 0.44, the disk image will have an alias to your system-wide Applications folder, allowing you to very easily drop the Inkscape icon into the most useful place for it, and open that folder so that you can start Inkscape.

Otherwise start Inkscape by double clicking one of its documents and it will thereafter be available to you in the Dock and from the 'Recent Items' menu-item.

Inkscape command line

For many purposes you may need to execute Inkscape from the command line. For example within a LaTeX document you can update the pdf and pdf_tex files with your maths with the following command (see InkscapePDFLaTeX.pdf):

The Inkscape script is supposed to change to Inkscape's Resources directory

in order to get the correct environments for Inkscape as well as for native (Apple) Python.

But if you simply made a symbolic link to /usr/local/bin (which is in your PATH) with:

the command invoked by the default Inkscape script (0.48.1):

might not move to Inkscape's Resources directory but to /usr/local/bin.

From a terminal, even if

refers to /usr/local/bin/inkscape, a command like:

may work while:

may not work because of a different interpretation of $0 and dirname. Tricky and unsolved in the general case...

Inkscape mac latest version

Alias Solution


The following can be added to your `~/.profile` file to create an alias that is expanded into the full Inkscape path:

You must reload your profile to see the changes:

LaTex Specific Solution

For the specific case of updating the pdf and pdf_tex files from LaTex by invoking Inkscape from command line (see InkscapePDFLaTeX.pdf), the easiest solution might be to alter the necessary LaTex preamble commands from:

to use the full Inkscape path. This is necessary when compiling LaTex through editors that don't see the aliases defined in `~/.profile`. The necessary preamble commands are then:

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Inkscape App Current Version For Mac Update


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Inkscape App Current Version For Mac

Inkscape App Current Version For Mac Computer

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