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Free Karaoke Software for Mac computer . If you are looking for a karaoke program, you are in the right place. Especially if you want to organize a party with friends and you don’t know what programs to download for Mac or Windows.

  1. Karaoke Creator Software For Mac
  2. Best Professional Karaoke Software For Mac
  3. Karaoke App For Mac

Aria is a also professional karaoke software available for both Mac and Windows. The good thing is that the software is free to download and comes with lots of features. It comes with secondary full-screen lyrics output. It also has ability to adjust key of the playing song without effecting speed. Karaoke for Mac MidiCo professional karaoke software for Apple macOS allows you to host and manage a professional karaoke show. It supports all standard karaoke file types as well as HD video formats.

Below we will list a few Free Karaoke Software for Mac computer, and you choose which one you like. With a simple click you will get directly to the Download page, after download and installation you can start the party.

Karaoke programs: MidiCo

MidiCo is one of the most advanced karaoke programs especially if it is a Mac. It includes a MIDI and KAR file player, an advanced MIDI controller, a mixer, a playback manager and, of course, a karaoke feature that displays images or videos while displaying the words of the song.

The program is free and costs 29.90 Dollars, but is available in a free trial version, which allows you to test all functions. The only limitation is that the pieces are interrupted after two minutes.

To download MidiCo on your Mac, log in to the program site and click the Download button .

UltraStar Deluxe

Another karaoke program for Mac is UltraStar Deluxe . This is a program or, rather, a free karaoke game that follows the style and operation of famous music games, such as SingStar.

UltraStar Deluxe is compatible not only with MacOS, but with other Windows and Linux operating systems .

To use the UltraStar Deluxe program, the first step you need to do is log in to the program site and click the Installer & Launcher link , located next to the word macOS. On the next page that opens, click the Download Latest Version button to start downloading the program to your computer.


QMidi is an excellent player for MIDI and karaoke files on a Mac, allowing you to view song lyrics in video form. It also allows you to create playlists of your favorite songs and play multiple types of audio files, including FLAC.

The program is free of charge, but is available in a free trial version, which allows you to test all features for a period of 30 days. There are two complete versions of the program: the standard version (which costs 14.99 euros) and the Pro version (which costs 34.99 Dollars).

To download QMidi on your Mac, first login to the program site , then click the Download QMidi xxx link at the bottom of the page and wait for the download to start automatically. If this happens, click Click here in the new page that opens.

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You must have been obsessed with singing since childhood, haven’t you? Well, singing is like a hobby of billions of people around the world, including me. But I’m more like a bathroom singer haha, I shouldn’t be going into recording songs in my voice because listening to it would be a headache. Anyway, I bet YOU have some serious potential in singing and I think you should go on a professional level on that.

I’ve always been singing along with our favorite songs and their karaoke as well and seriously, it’s the best feeling ever. And I bet you love singing along with them too. So why don’t you start singing some songs and recording them? If you want, you can upload those amazing tracks on different sites such as SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, or anywhere that you want. You can get a lot of exposure from there and if you do your promotion efficiently, you can reach up to a million or more users around the world who will be a fan of your voice. All you need is a good-quality microphone, software, and some skills to use them. Let me introduce you to the 12 most amazing karaoke software that will be excellent for your purpose on both platforms: Windows and Macintosh.

For Windows

1. Siglos Karaoke Professional

Singing along with vocal backing tracks sounds pretty nice if you use this amazing karaoke software. With lots of presets and built-in features, you can edit your vocals and take them to any level that you want. Of course, there will be a huge impact of the quality of the mic on the final product. But if the mic quality is exceptional, then you can be the next Freddie Mercury for sure with this application.

2. KaraFun Player

We all need software that are user-friendly so there’s nothing so much technical going on there. We don’t want to see that super difficult interface that would make us go “ahhh, leave it!”. This is exactly what KaraFun Player is offering. An easy interface and huge storage having above 9000 songs. You can even create your own playlist there and don’t worry if you have songs other than the extension (*.mp3) since it supports all of them. You can get this player for $9.99 on a monthly subscription. Quite inexpensive, right?

3. CDG Plug-in for Winamp

This software is actually a plugin that you can add into another application called Winamp. It is actually a music player and once you add this CDG plugin to Winamp, you won’t need separate software to sing with karaoke. If you know the use of the parent software, then it will be much easier to use this plugin. The best part is, you don’t even have to spend a lot on this. Just because it’s old, it isn’t bad. And I think at this price, it can be the best you can get.

Karaoke Software For Mac

4. Advanced Karaoke Player

Every product has some pros and cons and we can’t deny that. It all depends on the priority of the consumer. This little player I’m talking about is not just a karaoke player but it also has a media library where you can store your favorite songs. This library also allows you to quickly import songs on the player. So if you’re at a karaoke party, people there will know that you are fully equipped and prepared. But the only con here is that you have to first convert your song files into the extension supported by the player.

5. PC DJ Karaoki

This one is more advanced because it gets you much more prepared than the last one. You have lots of karaoke songs there and you can even edit them right at the moment. The amazing thing about it is that it’s really cheap. And yes, the specialty here is the two-screen display: there are lyrics on one and the playlist editor on the other which is the main screen.

6. Karaoke Player

Yes, this software is exactly as the name implies. Sometimes, it’s the simpler, the better. It simply imports files from your computer and then you can play that karaoke file easily. The interface is super friendly so if you don’t want to put yourself into lots of unnecessary hustle, this is the best for you.


For Mac

1. iStar

Man o man, I’ve put this cool karaoke software on the first here in Mac because I personally love this one. It is one of the best ones available for karaoke folks. With a super easy and cool interface, you will enjoy singing along using this.

2. KaraTunes

Karaoke Software For Mac

Ok this is a simple one and I had used it for a really long time. It’s a simple OS application that lets you create and edit your karaoke files by importing them directly from the computer. The great thing about this is that it automatically searches for lyrics.

3. QMidi v2.0


With an additional feature of a sound mixer, this software is a bit more advanced and useful. You just need to know how you should mix the tracks of your microphone recording and the actual karaoke file so you end up with a perfect karaoke version of your favorite song in your own voice.

Karaoke Creator Software For Mac


It’s one of the packages that are “complete” with features. Although it has a simple interface, it allows you to use it in both DJ or Scratch mode. So it doesn’t matter if you know the proper use of this software or not, this will be extremely useful to you.

5. TunePrompter

With this software, you can actually create your own karaoke tracks of your favorite songs and it works like a wonder. The best thing about them is that once you’re done making the karaoke, you can burn them to your iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, or directly to a CD. And you will definitely save a lot of time while this software automatically searches for the lyrics.

Best Professional Karaoke Software For Mac

6. KJams

This software kinda resembles iTunes. You can download tracks from it if you want and then edit them into the software. Sing your heart out and this software won’t let you down with its amazing interface and features. And yes, it’s not only for your Mac but for all of your Apple devices.


Karaoke App For Mac

All of the karaoke software that I mentioned above are not free and you have to buy them in order to use them. But here’s a piece of advice, you must make sure that you’re buying the real thing and not a fake one as the market is filled with copies. The software bundles would be in the form of software packaging boxes and they would be high in quality with amazing looks. The companies invest in these boxes and get them from high-caliber box-making firms like Dawn Printing. So if you find such boxes, get them at the spot because they will surely fulfill your dream of becoming a karaoke singer or just allow you to follow your passion.

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