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Mac Miller Lyrics. Mixtape: 'The High Life' (2009) The High Life. Crushin' Round The Clock. Jerome Weinberg Speaks. Class President. A Million Dollars. Fly In Her Nikes. The Finer Things. Travellin' Man '09. Castle Made Of Sand. Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time.

Potty Mouth Tyga Lyrics

(Ft. Busta Rhymes)

[Verse 1: Tyga]
Arrghh, uh one shot, bomboclat
B!tches jumping on my d!ck, hopping like it’s hopscotch
Booty pop, my bitch don’t wear that she prolly ass shots
I don’t give a f-ck, I f-ck em all till they p-ssy ouch
Potty mouth, oochie while he bang, bang then I’m out
Once upon a f-ckin time, had your bitch up in my house
Cooking grits and riding d!ck
Swear she the best chef around
Pop that p-ssy, now let me see you doo doo brown
I wanna rock, I wanna rock
Tell these b!tch niggas its they time of the month, time of the month
Niggas want beef but I eat that shit, eat eat everything well done
I’m so far in the clouds I can barely hear
All that shit you rocking, boy that was last year
Gold tear, niggas steer my style like a stop deer
Pump, fear
To you b!tches heart, Suge without the beard
Man all these new niggas weird
They all lining up to come and see the last king

I get money, I make money
I, I take money, them b!tches want it from me cus’ I’m
I’m bout whatever, I’m bout whatever
I’m with whatever, man I do it, do it better
Two more shots then im out
I’mma motherf-cker and I got a potty mouth
I’m bout whatever man, I’m bout whatever man
I’m with whatever, man I do it, do it better


[Verse 2: Tyga]
Man I f-cked your dime and now she’s mine
2 alot cool, put the p-ssy in my palms
She put on a nigga and make a grown man cry
Feeling bullshit, I dont pay you no mind
But whats your sign?
Scorpio, let me f-ck from behind
However you want it baby
Light the blunts, blunts and close your eyes
Real nigga doe, real nigga doe
Gotta freak b!tch in the DBI, put me on doe
Came in the door, kicked in the door
Waiving the .44, put one, one in your blowhole
Man your paper thin, you need to take some notes
Niggas steal my lines and say they don’t, there go another new quote
I’m fresh off the boat, nigga lets toast
Young money real, y’all shit just a hopes
Made a fairy tale, busy on a float
Why would I lie?
Forever under oath, i’m
So f-cking frustrated with your lady
Get a flight, I send her home
Man my love is oh so tainted
If you fine you might get diamonds, if you a five you might get nothing
I’m on my monsters, they from a moshpit
R-r-r-rock you like Nirvana, ugh
Man I be off patron like its a holiday
F-cking with them finer things, pull up on your b!tches and say

I get money, I make money
I take money, them b!tches want it from me cus’ I’m
I’m bout whatever, I’m bout whatever
I’m with whatever, man I do it, do it better
Two more shots then im out
I’mma motherf-cker and I got a potty mouth
I’m bout whatever man, I’m bout whatever man
I’m with whatever, man I do it, do it better

[Verse 3: Tyga]
Man I f-cked your dime
Kill in my prime
Young D, I’m freshest nigga on the line
Better man up, its about to go down
Leave you with jaw-dropped, face on the ground
Let the rain fill the molts round’ my kingdom
Carved in the cement, scarred, pledge allegiance
I’mma let you leave em screaming
Dreaming just to get by
Girl you so fly, why you so high?
Two more shots then I’m out
I’mma motherf-cker, gotta potty mouth
I’m bout whatever, I’m bout whatever
Man I do it, do it better
All bad b!tches in my house
I’mma motherf-ck then I kick her out
I’m bout whatever, I’m bout whatever
Man I do it, do it better


The Finer Things State Champs

[Verse 4: Busta Rhymes]
Cannibal, I eat you raw meat
I’m raw with beats
So scavenger with it, nigga look like jaws with feet
You don’t want it b!tch
Y’all niggas know I give, tell me what you want
Listen close, your up in, how the beat get ugly when a motherf-cker come through?
Excuse me b!tch
Will these niggas tell these b!tches let a nigga do what he do?
Movie shit, that Tech make a niggas wanna vomit spit
You niggas already knew
She keep on fighting niggas, then I’m lighting up another city, got her fighting till they get the biting, they we getting gritty
See the time and now a nigga climbing up another milli, then we shining till a nigga blauw or till it kills me?