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  1. This content applies to Azure Virtual Desktop with Azure Resource Manager Azure Virtual Desktop objects. If you're using Azure Virtual Desktop (classic) without Azure Resource Manager objects, see this article.
  2. As much as I like Power BI, I think half the power in it is when you can share your reports and analyses seamlessly with others in the organization. FYI you can use a virtual machine running Windows to get a Power BI file started, then export it to the web and work on it there and use the same file to start new analyses.
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Microsoft Power Bi Desktop

Power BI for Office 365 is not available for Mac but there are plenty of alternatives that runs on macOS with similar functionality. The most popular Mac alternative is Tableau. It's not free, so if you're looking for a free alternative, you could try PopSQL or Marple.

Power Bi is one of the neatest tools that Microsoft has built for data professionals. It allows anyone to build fantastic interactive visualizations that can help tell a story and help someone make decisions. There have been some amazing demo visualizations from Microsoft customers. I've seen a predictive maintenance visualization for airplanes, one for diabetes trends and a fun basketball visual. There are also a fantastic set of custom visual controls, quite a few of which are described in Devin Knights blog series.

If you don't know anything about Power BI, there are lots of resources, including some amazing tips from the Guy in a Cube. Adam Saxton has an amazing channel and puts together some impressive videos with Patrick LeBlanc. They might be one of the best sources for learning to work with the tools. You might want to spend some time playing with Power BI as I can almost guarantee that you'll build better reports with this tool than you would otherwise. You'll impress your customers, clients, and boss with your design work.

Microsoft power bi for mac

Plenty of people have Mac laptops, especially business people, and for quite some time they've had to deal with a lack of native tooling. Certainly there are lots of software ports, and no shortage of web software, but there are always places where a lack of a native solution is problematic. I don't know that we'll get lots of software ported to a new OS, but there is a better solution. Containerization can help smooth the way.

Microsoft Power Bi For Mac

Microsoft Powerbi For Mac

A few years back I met the Kenji Obata, founder of Turbo.net. He was doing some interesting work with containers, and I was fascinated by their work. Since then, they've grown and refined their technology, and now they have Power BI for Mac available. As soon as I saw their walk-through video, I wanted to share the experience. It's pretty amazing, and if I were still running OSX, I'd be looking to use some of the Microsoft tools I want on the native desktop.

This isn't really native, but the experience feels native. The use of containerization technology might be debatable for databases, but for client applications, it's amazing. The way that Turbo.net packages up applications is incredible. I like Turbo, and if you need to use Microsoft client applications on a Mac, you might give them a try. It's not free, but it's way better than virtualization and has some really cool features as well. I'm sure lots of non-technical people, especially management, that might build reports would love the experience of running Power Bi Desktop on their Mac.

They even have SSMS available as a turbo container for the Mac, if you're interested.


Power BI is designed to work with any of the supported browsers mentioned below. However, performance differs depending on your choice of a browser. If you're using Internet Explorer in particular, you may encounter worse performance. We strongly recommend switching from Internet Explorer to a modern browser, including Microsoft Edge. If you still encounter unacceptable performance, test other supported modern browsers to see if they provide better results for your Power BI solution.

Power BI supports these browsers on all platforms where they're available:

Microsoft Power Bi For Mac Os

  • Microsoft Edge Chromium.
  • Internet Explorer 11. However, some advanced features, such as lineage view, aren't supported in Internet Explorer.
  • Microsoft 365 apps and services, including Power BI, will no longer support Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) starting in August 2021. The Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will be retired on June 15, 2022. Refer to this Microsoft 365 blog post for more information.
  • Chrome desktop latest version.
  • Safari Mac latest version.
  • Firefox desktop latest version. Firefox may change the fonts used in Power BI.


Power BI doesn't run in any browsers in iOS10 or previous versions.

Microsoft Power Bi For Mac


Power BI uses the Segoe UI font for text as its default, and the Din font for numbers, and other fonts when creating reports, dashboards, and other artifacts, which may not be available on non-Windows computers such as Macs. As a result the font, alignment of artifacts, and visuals for the same report will look different when viewed on a Windows computer versus a Mac.

The Calibri and Cambria fonts are only installed on Macs that have Microsoft Office installed, but aren't included in the default set of fonts on Macs.

Power Bi Download For Mac

If you're creating reports viewed on Mac computers, select fonts that will display properly on Macs.


The following links provide information about which fonts are available on Macs. The links are not maintained by Microsoft, and are provided only for reference and further reading.

Power Bi For Mac Os

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