Noorani Qaida

Assalam-O-Alaikum! In this course, you will learn the Noorani Qaida. Noorani Qaida is the first step which you learn before learning the Quran, In Noorani Qaida, you learn how to pronounce word how to make a word, How to make sentences. In Qaida, you learn each and every single word of the Quran.

If you want to learn the Quran then you must have to learn Qaida first. Because if you don’t know how to make words and read the words in Arabic so you will not able to learn the Quran Properly.

We have the experience of male and female teachers who can teach you this course. SO that you will be able to learn the Quran.

Noorani Qaida
More About This Course

We teach you Noorani Qaida with full tajweed. So that you can understand the proper pronunciation of each and every word you learn. Learning Qaida is very important if you want to learn the Quran. Because without knowing about the Arabic words you don’t read or recite the Quran. So it is important to learn Qaida before start learning the Quran. The Quran came down from Allah Almighty in the Arabic language to the heart of the Prophet (SAW). With a large vocabulary, Arabic is a very rich language. In diverse contexts, each word has several meanings. The sense of the word can be altered by a minor error in pronouncing an Arabic word.

A Muslim wants to read Qaida at the outset in order to understand the Quran with the correct pronunciation. The alphabet of the Arabic language is found in Qaida. It also complies with the guidelines for correctly pronouncing Quranic terms. Once a person correctly understands Noorani Qaida, Quranic words can easily be pronounced.