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Nvidia egpu for mac mini

Just for competitions between Nvidia and AMD, bad relations between Nvidia and Apple, Apple intend not to support eGPU for Nvidia-based devices, but Apple can fix it easily as long as they want. In MACOSX 10.13beta4 and below, because of maceditor’s hard working, there’s a compromised workaround. Unofficial NVIDIA eGPU support is now a reality for Mac users. It’s all thanks to the developers and researchers that congregate over at eGPU.io, a community for eGPU coverage and support across. They just didn’t focus on the drivers for Mac as much. Now there’s the churning long wait for them to release new drivers and when they will be ready Mac OS 15.0 will be around the corner. If you plan on using CUDA - go to Windows and PC, you’re on a safer path that way. I don’t use CUDA, but I do need eGPU for Video and Photo editing.

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Nvidia External Gpu For Mac Mini

Nvidia Egpu For Mac

Nvidia External Gpu For Mac

  • Honestly not providing support for 2 of your currently shipping computers is just awful of Apple. The mini and the mac pro with thunderbolt 2 are more than capable of supporting this, i have it working with hacks. This is just plain stupid of them since they refuse to update their ancient hardware but continue to gouge customers on pricing for these.
  • Seems to me nVidia has (thank goodness) provided 'web drivers' for OS X ONLY because they had a retail card that they sold directly into the Mac market, the Quadro series. AND they have kept supplying them WAY beyond the last sale date of the card (and those drivers support their 'regular' retail line of GTX cards). And nobody I have come across can say if/when they may drop said drivers completely. Kinda seems to me there isn't much point for them to author eGPU code for putting their cards in a box, when they have no cards they sell specifically for Mac users. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT happy about this state of affairs... what IS the point of an expandable, modular computer if one of the major GPU vendors is kinda shut out of it?

    Honestly, how it got to this place, while I AM curious, is really not the point at all. I believe that it is up to Apple to fix, whatever that takes. In my book, nVidia has gone above and beyond so that I can use OS X and one of their cards.

  • In general, I would love to use 4k display for video editing and some other work and with Thunderbolt and Thunedrbolt2 mac Mini there is only 2K. I do not care about gaming so slower rate is not issue for me, but external eGPU has to be enabled. Why Apple is doing this? Seriously do I need to buy box for Linux? (seriously Ubuntu running free video editing like Shotcut is more than enough for multiple streams, non-linear)
  • I've been using eGPU with nVidia on a 2013 Mac Pro, a 2017 MacBook Pro, and now an iMac Pro for a while now. Until 10.13.4 came out it was a pretty straightforward kernel hack and web driver install. With 10.13.4 came the breaking of AMD support for TB2 users, and the breaking of EVERYTHING with nVidia, regardless if your were running TB1, TB2, or TB3. Apple broke it big time, either accidentally or on purpose. The eGPU community guys are heroes, but they cannot fix some of the things that Apple broke. Point here is Apple needs to relent and support nVidia and quit treating it like a weird uncle that lives in a basement.
  • It troubles me to heavily invest on an eGPU enclosure, plus any decent AMD or Nvidia GPU, only to have Apple—definitely—pull the plug from my Thunderbolt 2 MacBook Pro. Besides, my use for a eGPU would be for CUDA acceleration, which means Nvidia, which is on very shaky ground (a hack on top of another hack).
    Intentionally bricking TB1 and TB2 eGPU support feels like a dick move from Apple. I'm sure they have a technical explanation. Trouble is, they do not seem to care to disclose it. That is surprisingly tone deaf from them, given the ongoing stomachache they're enduring about the aging battery/CPU throttling debacle, where they are getting shit from a good engineering decision, just because the lack of transparency.