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By default, the PowerPoint 2016 Ribbon area is placed against an orange backdrop, as shown in Figure 1, below.This orange color shows up because the default Office Theme named Colorful is applied to the interface. So why is theTheme named Colorful when it is just a plain orange backdrop? That's because any Theme you apply to an interface of an Office 2016program influences all other programs. For instance, Word 2016 sports a blue backdrop while Excel uses green.

Microsoft today released a new Outlook for Mac build for Insiders in the Fast Ring. This version 16.20 (181113) build brings support for Dark Mode for users on macOS Mojave (10.14+). If you have enabled Dark Mode on macOS Mojave, Outlook will automatically open in Dark Mode. To enabled Dark Mode on your Mac, go. Under the “Office Theme” section, select “Black“. You have successfully changed your theme to Dark Mode. How to change your Dark Mode theme on or off. You can turn dark mode on and off when reading a message in Outlook by clicking the icon of a the top of your message in the shape of either a sun or moon.

Install Office 2016 For Mac

Figure 1: PowerPoint 2016 interface with the default Colorful Office Theme applied

  1. There’s a new ‘Office Theme’ dropdown that features three options; Colorful, Dark Grey, and White. Pick Dark Grey and the theme will be applied across all apps. Here’s what Word 2016 looks like with the Dark Grey theme and I may never go back to the default ‘Colorful’ theme. Choosing the ‘White’ theme will turn everything White.
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In addition to the color interface options previously available for all Office programs, Office 2016 has introduced a new OfficeTheme named Black for the interface color. The Black Theme provides highest contrast for theinterface elements. In this tutorial, let's explore how you can apply this new Black Themewithin PowerPoint 2016 for Windows. Follow these steps:

Office for mac 2016 dark theme wallpaper
  1. Open an existing presentation or create a new one in PowerPoint 2016. Click the File tab ofthe Ribbon, as shown highlightedin blue within Figure 2.

  2. Figure 2: File tab of the Ribbon
  3. This brings up the BackstageView, as shown in Figure 3. Select Options, (highlightedin blue within Figure 3).

  4. Figure 3: Options within the Backstage View
  5. This brings up the PowerPoint Options dialog box, as shown in Figure 4. Make sure thatthe General option is selected within the sidebar, as shown highlighted in red withinFigure 4. Now locate and click the Office Theme selection box as shown highlightedin blue within Figure 4.

  6. Figure 4: PowerPoint Options dialog box
  7. This opens the Office Theme drop-down menu as shown in Figure 5.

  8. Figure 5: Black option within the Office Theme drop-down menu
  9. There is another way to access the Office Theme drop-down menu -- first selectthe Account option within the Backstage View as shown highlightedin blue within Figure 6, and then click the Office Theme selection boxas shown highlighted in red within Figure 6.

  10. Figure 6: Office Theme menu accessed through Account option
  11. Within the Office Theme drop-down menu, select the Black option (referto Figures 5 and 6, above). This will change the interface color of PowerPoint 2016 to black asshown in Figure 7. Compare Figures 1 and 7.

  12. Figure 7: PowerPoint 2016 interface color changed to black
  13. Save your presentation often.

You can similarly change the interface color to Dark Gray and White as well, although the Whiteoption may not be too pleasant to your eyes!

Summary :

Microsoft Office apps also have a dark mode. In this tutorial, you can learn how to enable dark mode in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. To recover deleted or lost Word, Excel, PPT, or any other files for free, you can use MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Microsoft Word/Excel Dark Mode

Microsoft lets you change the background color of Office apps. It offers black, dark gray, white, and colorful themes. For Microsoft 365 subscribers, it includes these four themes. However, for Office 2016 or Office 2013, you can only change Word/Excel theme to dark gray, white or colorful. The default theme of Office apps is Colorful.

How to Make Microsoft Word/Excel Dark Mode

Office For Mac 2016 Dark Theme Song

You can freely change your Microsoft Office apps to the preferred background color. You have two ways to go. Check how to do it below.

Way 1

  1. Open Microsoft Word/Excel app or a Word/Excel document.
  2. Click File tab at the top-left corner, and click Account option in the left panel.
  3. Under Office Theme in the right window, you can click the drop-down menu and choose your preferred theme. To enable dark mode for Word/Excel, you can choose Black. If you think the dark theme is too dark, you can also choose Dark Gray mode which is lighter than the dark theme.

Way 2

  1. Open Microsoft Word/Excel app.
  2. Click File -> Options.
  3. Select General on the left. Find Office Theme in the right window. Click the drop-down icon to select your desired theme for your Word/Excel app. Click OK to save the changes.

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Microsoft Office 2016 For Macs

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