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Summary: This post talks about similarities and differences based on RecMaster VS QuickTime.

Alternative To Quicktime For Mac

Mac users are familiar with QuickTime since it comes with every Mac system. As a bundled tool, it not only supports video file playback but also records onscreen footage with versatile features. Although many Mac users employ QuickTime by default, there are still many people look around better alternative of QuickTime for better recording experience.

As a competitor of QuickTime, RecMaster is also welcomed by Mac users for high quality and professional utility. Maybe you’re struggling to make it clear which one is better for Mac screen recording. Therefore, this post will compare features of these two applications: RecMaster VS QuickTime to help you better figure out the difference between them.

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Basic information of QuickTime and RecMaster

QuickTime, released by Apple company, is basically a video player but with more functionality than most players. It can either act as a media player or a computer screen recorder for Mac. For screen recording, it offers three workable solutions: New Audio Recording, New Movie Recording and New Screen Recording aiming at different situations. With QuickTime, you’re able to capture screen, webcam and audio. However, all the recordings are operated in default parameter and QuickTime can’t capture internal audio without a third-party plug-in like Soundflower.

Apart from this, it’s also equipped editing feature to trim video/ audio from either the beginning or end. After recording, sharing movies to YouTube directly from the QuickTime interface is now possible. In a conclusion, QuickTime is a good way to accomplish a few media tasks very well if you don’t want to put a penny into a screen recording.

Many people know RecMaster for its multifunctionality and enjoy the benefits bringing from RecMaster. It makes up the shortcomings of QuickTime and adds new features for Mac users. Firstly, it permits you to record internal audio without looking for another piece of software. Secondly, you can customize recording regarding parameter like quality, frame rate, format along with four recording modes. Finally, it’s upgraded with whiteboard, auto-stop, merge and take screenshot functions. As you can see, even it’s a commercial one, it deserves the money you putting in.

Features of two applications: RecMaster VS QuickTime

After you’ve mastered the basic information of the two applications, here we make a brief summary of the feature differences.

Recording modeNew Screen Recording/ New Movie Recording/ New Audio RecordingFull screen/ Custom area/ Webcam/ Audio Only
Capture screen with webcamYY
Capture screen with internal audioY( But you need to download Soundflower)Y
Capture screen with microphoneYY
Time limitNN
Mouse effectYY
Auto-stop functionNY
FPSGenerally in 30 fpsUp to 60 fps
EditingCut/merge/resize/trim(only support beginning and ending part)Cut/merge/rename/trim
Operation processSimpleSimple and concise

Recording process difference: RecMaster VS QuickTime

Compared with QuickTime, RecMaster contributes more to flexible screen recording due to features it offered. In the following part, the recording process is described.

Quicktime Alternative Macbook

● Screen recording with RecMaster


1. Launch and install RecMaster on your Mac.

2. Now directly go to the main interface. It provides four screen related choices: Full screen mode, Custom area mode, Webcam and Audio only. The three former ones permit you to create video with webcam and audio coming from system or mic simultaneously or separately.
3. Here RecMaster offers three video quality choices: Original, HD, and SD with changeable frame rate up to 60 fps. Additionally, you can employ whiteboard and drawing functions to create more productive videos.

Quicktime Pro Alternative For Mac

4. Click Rec to start. When it’s time for over, press Stop menu to end. After the recording, you can trim video clips from any part and merge different videos into one with the built-in editor.

Quicktime alternative 3.2.2 mac

QuickTime comes out with easy operation for screen recording and you will know it in details.

● Screen recording with QuickTime
1. Open QuickTime Player by searching for it in Launchpad.
2. In the QuickTime, click File and select New Screen Recording. Here we simply select screen recording as an example, you can also choose between New Movie Recording and New Audio Recording according to your actual needs.
3. Press the arrow button next to Record to choose recording options. Decide the Microphone and Mouse Clicks Note that QuickTime needs Soundflower to assist internal audio recording. If you want to record internal audio on Mac, you need to pre-install one.

4. Click Record button and then you need to decide whether capture in full screen or part of the screen.
5. To finish recording, click Stop icon and then manually save or name the file.

The main purpose of QuickTime is to give the end user a chance to play various formats of digital videos, pictures, texts and music with an inbuilt media player. It’s a safe bet for users who are not willing to invest for his screen recording. However, if you prefer a high quality and more versatile one, RecMaster is better than QuickTime with multiple features.

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