Nazra E Quran

Assalam-O-Alaikum! In this course, of nazra-e-Quran, you will learn how to read the Quran. Quran Nazra means reading the Quran verbally. Quran nazra is important if you want to learn the Quran. Nazra means that you complete the Quran with proper reading. Reading the Quran is important for all of us. Because it is the Holy Book of ALLAH.

So, the next step, after the completion of Qaida, is Nazra. Students learn to orally recite the Quran in this course by using the laws of tajweed. We have experienced male and female teachers who can teach you Quran. Our teachers are well trained and highly Qualified. So you can feel comfortable with them.

quran nazra

More About Quran Nazra

This course is especially helpful for children who are studying the Quran for the very first time. Adults, from the safety of their home and time, will follow this path. The course begins with Arabic Alphabets and continues progressively to develop the students ‘ reading abilities. This curriculum helps the learner to be able to understand. Quran nazra is important for those who just finish the Noorani Qaida. And now they are moving forward to learn the Quran.

It is our duty as a Muslim that we recite the Quran on the daily basis. This course is designed in such a way that everyone can read the Quran. The student will learn to make the right sounds in Tajweed during this course. Our teachers will assist you with sound-making activities. Only after you are able to accurately recite the last lesson will they pass to the next lesson.

So, Nazra Quran is one of the basic booklets for the Holy Quran to understand the basic Tajweed. This will allow students to read Tajweed’s Holy Quran Book fluently without understanding Tajweed’s laws as well. That’s also the great way to read the Holy Quran Book with Tajweed and is in practice in most Arab and None-Arab countries in the Masjid.

So, the teacher will assist you with the lesson analysis of the Quran, so you won’t forget what you’ve learned. You will create a stable base for reading and writing the Quran with this course. So, our course can be taken according to the preferred time and days.