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Easy steps to Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 to your Windows PC with Link to Windows Time Needed: 10 minutes Before you begin, make sure that your computer is turned on and close to your phone.

How do i transfer pictures from my galaxy note 5 to my computer
  • From the above description, I understand you want to know how to download pictures from Samsung Galaxy note 4 to Windows 10 PC. Before assisting further, I would like to ask you few questions: When you say “to download my pics “, do you mean transfer the pictures from Note 4 to Windows 10 PC?
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  • For a PC or MAC, click the download button above to install. For a mobile device, you can download the app from Google Play™ or Samsung GALAXY Apps which is preloaded on your latest Galaxy device. Notifications on PC Make Phone Calls and Send Text Messages.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 does not have an external storage alternative. As a consequence backing up of data files through SD card isn’t possible. As an alternative, you can actually connect your Samsung Note 5 into a laptop or computer and transfer data files before you decide to perform a hard reset. The process can help you very easily restore all of them after doing that.

Many software-related issues in smartphones can be fixed simply by performing a hard reset, known as master reset. It’s a process that removes all of custom made contents in the smartphone such as applications, contacts, photos, and data in that case the device will restores to factory defaults. For that reason, making a backup is highly recommended before you go. Actually, you will lose all of your personal information to the ether.

Samsung Note Download To Computer Pc

Backing up of data files from the Note 5 is workable possibly simply by transferring contents to your computer or laptop. You’re able to use any type of backup solutions available for your device such as the Samsung Smart Switch in completing the procedure.

Step by step to Backup Galaxy Note 5 to Computer or Laptop

1. Connect your Galaxy Note 5 to the computer using the USB cable.

After your phone can be recognized by your computer, you are able to start transferring your data files such as music, pictures, and other contents. To simply restore contents after the reset, you can create new folders specific for each type of file on your computer. As an example, you can create a music folder for storing music (audio) files copied from your phone to your PC.

Here’s the best way to accurately connect your Note 5 into a computer or laptop:

  • Insert one end of the USB cable to the charger/accessory port located at the bottom of your phone.
  • Put in another end of the USB cable into an available USB port on your computer or laptop.
  • Remove the USB cable from the charging head to access it when needed.

The device driver software should then automatically install on your computer or laptop in in the beginning you connect your phone to it.

2. On your phone, drag the status bar down to show to notification panel.

3. Choose a file transfer option.

An indication that your smartphone has already been accessible via your computer or laptop is a message prompt that says “Connected as a media device

4. Tap into “Connected as a media device,” then check the box next to Media device (MTP). At that time you could start transferring contents from your smartphone.

Hint: Normally, “Connected as a media device” can be an option used for most file transfers. If you wish to change this option, just tap into the Notification in the Notification Panel. Doing this will open up the USB computer connection screen in which you can tap to select any of your preferred option.

5. In order to start copying contents, click the option to “Open device to view files” on your computer or laptop.

6. Navigate to the preferred contents on your smartphone.

7. Drag and drop the files in to the selected folder to your computer.

8. Any time you are finished copying all important data files, safely disconnect your phone from the computer.

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You may have heard about the Galaxy Note 7 battery fires. This malfunction led to two recalls and a loss of $5 billion for Samsung.

Samsung’s subsequent models had no similar problems. If you have a Note 8, you can generally rely on it to keep your data safe from harm. However, the incident made it clear that regular backups are necessary for every smartphone user. There is always a small risk of hardware malfunction.

There also other ways that your files can get lost or corrupted. Malware can damage your data irrevocably. You never know when your phone might get physically damaged. If your Note 8 gets lost or stolen, you lose the backups stored on your SD card too.

So it’s necessary to regularly back up your files to a PC or to cloud storage. There are a few different ways to transfer files to your computer.

File Transfer Using a USB Connector

The Note 8 has a USB type-C port, and it is at the bottom of your phone.

Connect your USB connector to your PC first. When you plug the connector into your phone, follow these steps:

  1. Allow Access to Your Files

You will get a notification on your phone telling you that the connected device is requesting access to your data. Tap on ALLOW.

  1. Open a File Manager on Your PC

You can use any file manager, such as Windows Explorer or File Explorer, to access the folders on your phone. Media files are under My Files. You can easily find your contacts and other stored data too.

  1. Transfer Files to Your PC

Select the files or folders you want to transfer. Click on Copy or Move.

When the transfer is over, safely remove the USB connector from your PC and your phone.

Transferring Files Using Smart Switch

You can also use the Smart Switch app to transfer files to any device or storage unit. Again, you can use a USB connector, though it’s also possible to transfer files through your wifi connection.

You should start by downloading Smart Switch on your PC. Click through the installation steps.

There are a few different methods for selecting or transferring your files. Follow these steps to move them from your PC using a USB cable.

  1. Connect the Phone to the Computer

Once again, you should give your PC access to the files on your phone. It might be necessary to unlock your phone for you to get this notification.

  1. On Your PC, Launch Smart Switch

  2. Select the Backup Items Tab

Here, you can select the categories of files to transfer. In addition to your media files, you can transfer your apps, call log and messages, settings and reminders.

  1. Select OK

Now you return to the main Smart Switch screen.

Samsung Note Download To Computer Free

  1. Select Backup

Wait for a couple of minutes. When transfer is complete, you will receive a notification. Click on OK, and then safely remove the cable from your devices.

Samsung note download to computer mac

A Final Word

Backups aren’t the only reason for moving files from your phone to your computer. You might have artwork, videos or downloads that you want to edit on your PC rather than your phone. You can also use these methods to copy files from your computer to your Note 8.