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Stabicad offers you the ability to quickly and effectively design and manage all high- and low-voltage installations. Through the tool Palettes, the MEP engineer has access to electrical elements and design functionality with a single mouse click. Each element contains a standardized symbol and a. Stabicad Autorouting is the new way to model technical installations more efficiently and accurately. While drawing pipes all fittings will be automatically placed and if you change (parts of) the system, the pipes, fittings and the specific properties, such as article numbers, will automatically update too. StabiCad StabiBase V Hasp HL Dongle Clonelone. StabiCad StabiBase V Hasp HL Dongle Clone. Stabicad is that the much loved style computer code for Electrical and engineering science technology. Irrespective of the platform (Revit or AutoCAD) and therefore the level you’re acting at. With Stabicad you have got the tools to participate in each. Stabicad ties in with the design practice of any engineer. Stabicad 11 is the number one in design software for electrical and mechanical engineering. Regardless of the platform (Revit or AutoCAD) and the level you are working on. Stabicad provides you with the tools to participate in any conceivable BIM project; from serial residential.

Every month we release a new version of Stabicad. This means that new functionality is added and existing functionality is updated and improved every four weeks. Always with the aim of making Stabicad work faster and better, so that you can design, model and/or calculate faster and better.

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From now on, the most recent version of Stabicad is always available to the contact person software updates in your organization. This contact person will from now on find the latest Stabicad version by default under the tab 'downloads' in our support portal BIMme. This way you will always have the latest Stabicad features at your disposal!

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Do you want to know who in your company is the contact person for software updates? Under the tab 'Contacts' you can see who is receiving the software updates and who the contact person is regarding invoicing. The contact person software updates can change this in case these details are incorrect or need to be changed for some other reason.