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To start developing native, cross-platform .NET apps on macOS, install Visual Studio 2019 for Mac following the steps below.

Build your next game or real-time 3D Unity application with Visual Studio for Mac’s best-in-class debugger, C# support, and productivity tools. Download the Visual Studio for Mac IDE for Unity today. Build your next game or real-time 3D Unity application with Visual Studio for Mac’s best-in-class debugger, C# support, and productivity tools. Download the Visual Studio for Mac IDE for Unity today.


  • A Mac with macOS High Sierra 10.13 or above.

To build Xamarin apps for iOS or macOS, you'll also need:

  • A Mac that is compatible with the latest version of Xcode. See Apple's minimum requirements documentation
  • The latest version of Xcode. It may be possible to use an older version of Xcode if your Mac is not compatible with the latest version.
  • An Apple ID. If you don't have an Apple ID already you can create a new one at https://appleid.apple.com. It's necessary to have an Apple ID for installing and signing into Xcode.

Installation instructions

  1. Download the installer from the Visual Studio for Mac download page.

  2. Once the download is complete, click the VisualStudioforMacInstaller.dmg to mount the installer, then run it by double-clicking the arrow logo:

  3. You may be presented with a warning about the application being downloaded from the Internet. Click Open.

  4. Wait while the installer checks your system:

  5. An alert will appear asking you to acknowledge the privacy and license terms. Follow the links to read them, then press Continue if you agree:

  6. The list of available workloads is displayed. Select the components you wish to use:

    If you do not wish to install all platforms, use the guide below to help you decide which platforms to install:

    Type of AppTargetSelectionNotes
    Apps Using XamarinXamarin.FormsSelect Android and iOS platformsYou will need to install Xcode
    iOS onlySelect iOS platformYou will need to install Xcode
    Android onlySelect Android platformNote that you should also select the relevant dependencies
    Mac onlySelect macOS (Cocoa) platformYou will need to install Xcode
    .NET Core applicationsSelect .NET Core platform.
    ASP.NET Core Web ApplicationsSelect .NET Core platform.
    Azure FunctionsSelect .NET Core platform.
    Cross-platform Unity Game DevelopmentNo additional platforms need to be installed beyond Visual Studio for Mac.Refer to the Unity setup guide for more information on installing the Unity extension.
  7. After you have made your selections, press the Install button.

  8. The installer will display progress as it downloads and installs Visual Studio for Mac and the selected workloads. You will be prompted to enter your password to grant the privileges necessary for installation.:

  9. Once installed, Visual Studio for Mac will prompt you to personalize your installation by signing in and selecting the key bindings that you'd like to use:

If you have network trouble while installing in a corporate environment, review the installing behind a firewall or proxy instructions.

Learn more about the changes in the release notes.


If you chose not to install a platform or tool during the original installation (by unselecting it in step #6), you must run the installer again if you wish to add the components later.

Install Visual Studio for Mac behind a firewall or proxy server

To install Visual Studio for Mac behind a firewall, certain endpoints must be made accessible in order to allow downloads of the required tools and updates for your software.

Configure your network to allow access to the following locations:

Next steps

Installing Visual Studio for Mac allows you to start writing code for your apps. The following guides are provided to guide you through the next steps of writing and deploying your projects.


  1. Device Provisioning(To run your application on device).



Build native cross-platform applications with Xamarin.Forms:

.NET Core apps, ASP.NET Core web apps, Unity game development

For other Workloads, refer to the Workloads page.

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Regardless of whether you are using the VM or YYC output, if you are using the Windows IDE then you can simply click the 'Play' button on the menubar and the game will build and then run. In the Mac IDE you will need to have started the Remote Worker app on your target PC and made sure you have selected the appropriate worker from the Target. Unity does make it very easy to use most of the code for each platform. For example, I would say 'ok, build the Windows version now' (which spits out an.exe and a data folder), and then 'ok now build the MacOSX version' (which spits out a single.app 'file'). Build your next game or real-time 3D Unity application with Visual Studio for Mac’s best-in-class debugger, C# support, and productivity tools. Download the Visual Studio for Mac IDE for Unity today.

For example, if your build includes the npm task, then the build won't run unless there's a build agent in the pool that has npm installed. Important After you install new software on an agent, you must restart the agent for the new capability to show up in the pool so that the build can run.

The aim for this page is to be a community driven project that is work in progress and hopefully should show a list of games that will and will not work on Linux from porting it manually.

Warning: Some games may end up not working in future, so buy with care!

From Unity 4, Linux is supported target platform for Unity games. Since Unity is based on Mono, only appropriate Linux executables are needed, so it is possible to manually 'port' a Unity game made for another platform, that does not ship with Linux executables by locating and placing appropriate executable, as long as the game have OpenGL, OpenGLES or Vulkan renderer enabled, uses GLSL or SPIR-V shaders and doesn't use plugins that are impossible to obtain for Linux.

For older Unity 5+ games before Metal, porting from Mac version can alleviate the problems with pink shaders, since instead of DirectX/Direct3D HLSL shaders common OpenGL GLSL shaders were used.

  • 1Porting a Windows or Mac game
    • 1.3Obtaining Unity files

Porting a Windows or Mac game


Obtaining game files

First, files for the game to port needs to be obtained. Unless trying to fix a broken Linux game or add support for 32-bit or 64-bit for games shipping with only 32-bit or 64-bit executable in Linux (which should be possible by adding the respective files), files for the Windows or Mac version of the game need to be obtained. If the game is installed on Windows, Mac or Wine/Proton, these files can be used. If not, it is usually possible to download (and extract if they are archived) the files under Linux natively:

  • For Steam, use Proton (macos-depot-download for Mac), SteamCMD or Steam console to download a Windows or Mac depot (search SteamDB for the actual depot numbers of the game). It is also possible to download an old version of the game that way.
  • For GOG.com, download a Windows installer and extract its files using innoextract --gog setup_whatever_game.exe[1]. For Mac, most (if not all) installers come as .pkg files, which are in fact xar archives. After extracting its contents, the next step is to find a file called 'Scripts' in a subdirectory (cannot remember its exact name right now), which is actually a gzipped cpio archive. After renaming it to Scripts.gz, gunzipping it, and extracting the resulting cpio archive, it is possible to finally get to the game content [2].
  • For itch.io, download and extract a Windows version with 7z x Game.exe. For Mac, simply extract the .zip file, ex. unzip Game.zip.
  • For Mac's .dmg files, mount them with sudo mount -o loop,ro -t hfsplus image.dmg mountpoint.
  • For other sources, extract Windows installers with innoextract, 7za or similar tools.

For Windows games, obtained folder structure with GameName.exe and GameName_Data is the same as Linux.

For Mac games, the file structure is different and it is needed to move and rename some files around [3]:

The executable is stored in GameName.app/Contents/MacOS/GameName, but it will not be used. The rest of the files are not needed, as they will be replaced with contents from the Linux Unity player later on.

GameName is the Unity project game name. Renaming Linux executables to it will be needed later on.

Checking Unity version of the game

Secondly, a version of the Unity the game is using needs to be checked. Probably the easiest way is to use find-engine.py Python script from https://github.com/vetleledaal/game-engine-finder but it can also be done without it by at least two ways:

  • Navigate to the GameName_Data folder of the game to be checked. Inside this folder there should be multiple of files, most of which contain the string for the Unity version. Executing strings command on one of them can help getting the exact version. Majority of games include level0 file in them, so navigating to the folder and executing this command should print the actual Unity version on the terminal:If nothing is returned, it's a very old Unity engine version, which has the version information towards the end of the file, but for which no Linux support exists anyway.
  • If any Linux Unity Player executable is available, it is possible to put this executable in the same level as GameName.exe and GameName_Data and launch the game from terminal or with -logfile /location/to/file.txt command line parameter to force the game write a log to /location/to/file.txt and inspect the output. A similar to this should be looked for in log:Expected version is the version of the executable, in that case Unity Patch Release 5.6.3p3.
    Actual version is the version of the executable needed, in that case Unity Patch Release 5.6.4p1.
  • Also, PCGamingWiki keeps track of Unity games engine build versions via Property:Unity engine build – it is possible to look at which games have the specific version there. To see the list of games along their Unity engine version, this query can be used. Keep in mind that the data there is contributed by users, so it can be out of date and not all the games may have it filled properly! The date of last version check can often be found noted as a reference on actual pages.

Obtaining Unity files

Knowing the exact game version, Unity Linux Playback Engine files needs to be obtained. These can either be taken from another Linux Unity game of the same version, or can be extracted from official Unity Linux Build Support ~100 MB exectuable (Unity 5+) or ~1.5 GB Unity Editor (Unity 4).

The files that are essential to work are:

For 32-bit version:

  • GameName.x86 (.x86 part is sometimes omitted in newer Unity versions, leaving only GameName in some games)
  • GameName_Data/Mono/x86/libmono.so
  • GameName_Data/Mono/x86/libMonoPosixHelper.so (since Unity 5.5)
  • GameName_Data/Plugins/x86/ScreenSelector.so (since Unity 4.3)

For 64-bit version:

  • GameName.x86_64 (.x86_64 part is sometimes omitted in newer Unity versions, leaving only GameName in some games)
  • GameName_Data/Mono/x86_64/libmono.so
  • GameName_Data/Mono/x86_64/libMonoPosixHelper.so (since Unity 5.5)
  • GameName_Data/Plugins/x86_64/ScreenSelector.so (since Unity 4.3)

Execute Unity Build On Mac But For Windows 7

Sometimes additional .so plugin files need to be put in either the GameName_Data/Plugins/x86 directory for 32-bit version or GameName_Data/Plugins/x86_64 for 64-versions. It's not needed in most cases, but if the game needs them, the names can be deducted from .dll files stored in GameName_Data/Plugins directory for Windows, or from .bundle directories in GameName.app/Contents/Plugins for Mac.

Some common plugins include [4]:

  • AkSoundEngine.dll???.so. There's a lot of versions of precompiled plugins available, but it's difficult to find out which one might be needed. Part of Audiokinetic.
  • CSteamworks.dlllibCSteamworks.so. Available from GitHub - rlabrecque/Steamworks.NET: Steamworks wrapper for Unity / C#.
  • fmod.dll???.so. There's no source, only precompiled plugins for 32 and 64-bit. Difficult to find the one needed. Available from FMOD Download - FMOD for registered users.
  • FMODUnity.dll???.so. Source is available from FMODUnity .NET Plugin at SquareTangle (archived by Wayback Machine).
  • steam_api.dlllibsteam_api.so. Access to the Steam API by itself. It is only needed to find this precompiled file.
  • SteamworksManaged.dll???.so(32-bit only). Available from GitHub - reallyjoel/Ludosity-s-Steamworks-Wrapper: Fully managed .NET wrapper for Steamworks API.
  • SteamworksNative.dll???.so (32-bit only). Available from GitHub - reallyjoel/Ludosity-s-Steamworks-Wrapper: Fully managed .NET wrapper for Steamworks API.
  • UWKPlugin.dll???.so. Source is available, but no precompiled Linux plugins. Used to be available from uWebKit/uWebKit · GitHub (archived by Wayback Machine).
  • XInputInterface.dll???.so. Apparently comes from speps/XInputDotNet: C# wrapper around XInput, works with any Mono or .NET application (eg. Unity3D).

File archives

Some people already extracted the appropriate files. It is possible to either look for the pre-made versions posted on the game forums if someone already did the job (see the table below), but there are also some mirrors of the extracted Unity files, which saves the trouble downloading and extracting the Linux Playback Engine or Unity Editor files or rummaging through the collection of Linux Unity games:

  • Builds / Облако Mail.Ru – original file repository, includes some precompiled plugins.
  • ! Builds / Облако Mail.Ru – another file repository.

Manually extracting files

It is also possible to also manually extract the files needed. For that, appropriate version of UnitySetup-Linux-Support-for-Editor-X.Y.Z.ab.exe needs to be downloaded (for Unity 5+) or either UnitySetup-4.Y.Z.exe for full releases or UnitySetup_update-4.Y.Zab.exe for patch/beta releases, where X.Y.Zab and similar is the Unity version detected.

First, the appropriate version of Unity from one of those locations needs to be obtained:

  • Full Releases (X.Y.Zf1*—∞)
  • Patch Releases (X.Y.Zp1—∞)
  • Beta Releases** (X.Y.Zb1—∞ for Beta versions and X.Y.Zf1—∞ for Release Candidate versions)
  • Linux Releases (X.Y.Zx***f/p/b1—∞)

*Some full releases start with with number higher than 1, that means that the previous versions were release candidates, obtainable from beta archive.
**Only the current beta releases are available for download, so if an old beta executables is needed, then unless it is 5.4.0b10, 5.4.0b13, 5.4.0b15, 5.4.0b16, 5.4.0b18, 5.4.0b21, 5.4.0b23, 5.5.0b1, 5.5.0b2, 5.5.0b5, 2017.2.0b11, 2017.3.0b1, 2018.1.0b8, 2018.1.0b13, 2018.2.0b2, 2018.2.0b5 or 2018.2.0b7 available from Linux Releases, archived release somewhere else or another game using it needs to found (see Finding files in own game library section).
***The xb/xf/xp notation was only used for the Linux Editor builds of Unity 5.5.0p1—2017.1.1f1 (inclusive) and 2017.2.0b6 – i.e. the builds published between 2016-12-13 and 2017-09-05.

  • For Unity 5 and above, Unity Setup for Linux weighting around 100 MB needs to be downloaded. To do so, the version needed needs to be located on the links above, then URL to any component download link (except the Unity Installer for full releases, as it uses a different download scheme link) contains 12-character hexadecimal build ID, for example d597d0924185 for Unity 2017.1.2p4. Knowing the build ID, it is possible to download UnitySetup-Linux-Support-for-Editor-X.Y.Zab.exe from the following link:orxxxxxxxxxxxx is the build ID and X.Y.Zab is a detected Unity version. Generally, regular link works for full releases while beta and patches releases use the latter link, but sometimes the files are even available in both locations.
    Relative location of files Unity downloader downloads is also stored in unity-win.ini file which can be acccssed inor
    Alternatively, is is also possible to access the links in a more human-readable format (only in beta.unity3d.com) inHere are examples for Unity 2017.1.2p4:
    • UnitySetup-Linux-Support-for-Editor-2017.1.2p4.exe (download.unity3d.com))
    • UnitySetup-Linux-Support-for-Editor-2017.1.2p4.exe (beta.unity3d.com))
  • For Unity 4, a full executable needs to be downloaded, weighting around 1.5 GB.

After obtaining the installers, files from them needs to be extracted. The archives are an NSIS installers and can be extracted with p7zip. Navigate to the location of the downloaded file for example using cd in terminal and extract the files with e.g. 7z x UnitySetup-version.exe, where version is either the respective version of Linux Support for Editor for Unity 5+ or the full installer for Unity 4 downloaded. For Unity 5+, the files needed will be located in $INSTDIR$_XX_/Variations/ folder, where XX is a random number, and for Unity 4 in Data/PlaybackEngines/linuxstandalonesupport/Variations/ folder. The variations needed are most likely the linux64_withgfx_nondevelopment_mono and/or linux32_withgfx_nondevelopment_mono, but feel free to experiment.

How To Get Mac Os On Windows

There is a bash script to automatically handle downloading and extracting the required files by passing only the Unity version. It repeats the procedures explained above and was posted on the original Russian forums, but it is largely untested: [5] (click 'скрытый текст' to show it). Dependencies include: p7zip-full (p7zip in Arch), curl, grep, cut, tr.

Only the files mentioned in Obtaining Unity files section are needed, so feel free to remove the rest – replacing the files that ship with Windows game may result in game not starting otherwise!

Renaming LinuxPlayer to GameName and Data directory to GameName_Data is also needed, where GameName is the game name (see Obtaining game files section.)

Finding files in own game library

An alternative route is to search through own installed game library, looking for the executables needed. When looking for a specific executablea following command can be typed in terminal, where . indicates the current directory and can be changed to a different one and X.Y.Zab is the executable searched for:

This command will only scan the directory in which it is invoked (or passed instead of .) and all its sub-directories, so it's a good idea to run it where all the games are installed (e.g. ~/games).[6][7]

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Mac Os On Windows

Porting from other platforms

It could also be possible to port games from other platforms, including Android, iOS, tvOS, Samsung Smart TV, Tizen, WebGL, Facebook Gameroom and historically Unity Web Player – possibly even consoles if one could get hands on the files. It may also be possible to port to non-Linux platforms that way, however it all mostly remains to be tested.

Mac Os Windows Theme

The Russian Mac porting guide did not succeed porting an Android game to a x86 system due to a different CPU architecture, so an ARM Linux distro (for example on Raspberry Pi) may be needed [8].



TODO - write about -logfile and possibly other command line parameters. [9][10], [11]


TODO - Write about converting images, icons and making desktop shortcuts. [12], [13], [14]

Games tested

Here are all the games tested for working on Linux. For now, the table only includes one entry per game, sorted alphabetically by game name – in case of new tests, update the existing entry with up to date info. Link the game name to the source you obtained the game from. Alternatively, if you feel the results are vastly different, feel free to add a new entry below the old test and discuss it in the talk page!

Feel free to add pre-Unity 4 games to the list as well and mark them appropriately – it will let other tester know why this Unity game does not work and in case of engine upgrade, could be easily retested.

For Platform column, state the platform you used the files from, most commonly Windows or Mac but other options are possible as well – see Porting from other platforms section.

Execute Unity Build On Mac But For Windows Xp

Only use Yes in the Works column if the game is actually playable as if it were native. If you encounter any game-breaking issues such as game not starting or pink shader textures, mark it as a firm 'No' and state the reason in Description column – try to be as descriptive as possible, in case that will help someone else to get the game working by finding the issue.

For tester name, type the last tester name. If you are the one doing tests, you can use your wiki name, e.g. User:Faalagorn.

Execute Unity Build On Mac But For Windows 8

For the last tested date use YYYY-MM-DD format.

Games with the shader problems would basically require to decompile Managed/Assembly-CSharp.dll and replace the shaders to use there, or to extract the .asset files and create them anew. Some of these games are playable as they are, but certain things will show up pink. [15]

GameUnity versionPlatformWorksDescriptionTester nameLast testedGuide/files used
1954 Alcatraz4.0.1f2WindowsYesSeegras2016-01-13Blog post
Air Buccaneer4.2.0f4WindowsNoCan't connect to network?Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space4.3.4f1WindowsYesApparently perfect (only played for 10 minutes).muntdefems2017-11-28GOG.com forums, GOGmix
Astral Terra5.1.2f1WindowsNoShader problems.Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Avenging Angel5.1.0f3WindowsNoShader problems.Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Blackguards3.5.6f4WindowsNoUnsupported (pre-Unity 4).Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Blackguards 2?WindowsNoRefuses to start a new game (probably a video plugin it uses; it was not looked for).darktjm2017-09-17GOG.com forums
Block Story™4.6.8f1WindowsNo'Not available on your current platform' Steam error.Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Bob Came in Pieces2.6.1f3WindowsNoUnsupported (pre-Unity 4).User:Faalagorn2017-12-21
Bridge Project4.5.3f3WindowsNox86 crashes, x86_64 does not accept inputSeegras2016-01-13Blog post
Clone Drone in the Danger Zone5.4.1f1WindowsNoPink shadersUser:Interknet2018-07-20
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller3.5.7f6WindowsNoUnsupported (pre-Unity 4).Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Coldfire Keep4.3.4f1WindowsYesSeegras2016-01-13Blog post
Commando Jack3.5.7f6WindowsNoUnsupported (pre-Unity 4).Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Contract Wars Client4.1.5f1WindowsNoGame launches fine, but after logging in, the game fails to load with the 'PROFILE LOAD FAILED Check your Internet connection (proxy, ports, antivirus/firewall) or reload page with the game' error. Could be due anticheat.User:Faalagorn2017-11-25Облако Mail.Ru
CreaVures3.4.2f2WindowsNoUnsupported (pre-Unity 4).Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Dead Bits4.1.3f3WindowsYesSeegras2016-01-13Blog post
Dead Effect4.6.0f3WindowsYesSeegras2016-01-13Blog post
Dead Frontier3.5.7f6WindowsNoUnsupported (pre-Unity 4).User:Faalagorn2018-01-02
Dead Island Epidemic (delisted)4.6.1f1WindowsNoLibs missing, among them FMODUnity .NET Plugin.Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Dementium II HD3.5.7f6WindowsNoUnsupported (pre-Unity 4).Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Depths of Fear :: Knossos4.6.1f1WindowsYesSeegras2016-01-13Blog post
Deus Ex: The Fall4.3.4f1WindowsNoNeeds LD_LIBRARY_PATH for libsteam.api.so; Wwise sound engine wrong version, playable.Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Dungeonland3.5.6f4WindowsNoUnsupported (pre-Unity 4).Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Dysan the Shapeshifter3.4.2f2WindowsNoUnsupported (pre-Unity 4).Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Empress Of The Deep 2: Song Of The Blue Whale3.3.0f1WindowsNoUnsupported (pre-Unity 4).User:Faalagorn2017-12-21
Empyrion – Galactic Survival5.2.3f1WindowsNoHanging?Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Escape from Tarkov5.6.5p3WindowsNoVersion worked, later versions removed Vulkan renderer, leaving only D3D11, making the game not launching.User:Faalagorn2018-07-02Official forums
Expeditions: Conquistador4.?WindowsYesSeems to work fine.darktjm2017-09-17GOG.com forums
Fallout Shelter5.4.4f1WindowsNoPurple screen, closes after awhile.User:Interknet2018-08-21
Final Dusk4.6.1f1WindowsYesSeegras2016-01-13Blog post
First Person Lover4.6.1f1WindowsYesCompletable – for some reasons I couldn't see names on credits and had performance/minor flickering issues, but that may be my side. Leaderboards and some links do not work, as the main site do not work anymore.User:Faalagorn2017-12-20Google Drive
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers – 20th Anniversary Edition5.3.4f1WindowsNoShader problems, shows unusable menu.darktjm2017-09-17GOG.com forums
Godus Wars5.2.2f1WindowsNoShader problems.Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Gravi4.5.5f1WindowsYesSeegras2016-01-13Blog post
Guns n Zombies5.2.2f1WindowsNoShader problems, crashes.Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Her Story5.0.1f1WindowsNoUses AVPro Windows Media Plugin for videos.User:Yepoleb2017-09-17GOG.com forums
Hired Ops5.3.6p1WindowsNoRequires libsteam_api.so and ScreenSelector.so; pink screen when launching.User:Faalagorn2017-11-26
Huntsman: The Orphanage (Halloween Edition)4.2.2f1WindowsYesNeeds LD_LIBRARY_PATH for libsteam.api.so.Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Jalopy4.5.3f3WindowsYesUser:Interknet2017-05-31Steam forums, GitHub Gist
Joe Dever's Lone Wolf HD Remastered4.5.4f1WindowsNoSelf-written plugins.Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Kyn4.6.6f2WindowsYesApparently perfect (only played for 10 minutes). May have to be restarted a couple of times for it to work in fullscreen.muntdefems2017-09-12GOG.com forums, GOGmix
Last Inua4.2.2f1WindowsYesSeegras2016-01-13Blog post
Last Tinker™: City of Colors, The4.3.4f1WindowsYesApparently perfect (only played for 10 minutes). Linux version is available on Steam.muntdefems2017-09-12GOG.com forums, GOGmix
Magnetic: Cage Closed4.3.4f1WindowsNo'Not available on your current platform' Steam error.Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold Collector's Edition4.5.3f3WindowsNoHanging?Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Might & Magic X - Legacy4.2.2f1WindowsNoHanging?Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
My Summer Car5.0.0f4WindowsYesUser:Interknet2017-05-31Steam forums
My Time at Portia2017.4.1f1WindowsNoLack of OpenGL support.User:Interknet2018-07-20
Once Bitten, Twice Dead!4.6.1f1WindowsYesSeegras2016-01-13Blog post
Overcast - Walden and the Werewolf4.1.3f3WindowsYesSeegras2016-01-13Blog post
Paper Sorcerer4.1.5f1WindowsYesSeegras2016-01-13Blog post
Pid3.5.3f3WindowsNoUnsupported (pre-Unity 4).muntdefems2017-09-14GOG.com forums
Randal's Monday4.1.5f1WindowsYesPerfect. I've completed it without a crash or glitch.muntdefems2017-09-12GOG.com forums, GOGmix
realMyst: Masterpiece Edition4.5.5p4WindowsNoBroken menu, needs uWebKit.Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Red Lake4.3.4f1WindowsYesSeegras2016-01-13Blog post
Reign Of Kings5.1.1p2WindowsNoShader problems, needs LD_LIBRARY_PATH for libsteam.api.so.Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Republique5.2.2p4?WindowsNoPink shaders.muntdefems2017-09-14GOG.com forums
Republique5.2.2p4WindowsNo'Not available on your current platform' Steam error.Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Reservoir Dogs - Bloody Days (delisted)5.6.1p1WindowsNoCrashes at startup.Huinehtar2017-12-20GOG.com forums
Seamulator 20092.1.0f5WindowsNoUnsupported (pre-Unity 4).Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Shad'O3.5.2f2WindowsNoUnsupported (pre-Unity 4).Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Shelter3.5.7f6WindowsNoUnsupported (pre-Unity 4).Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Slender: The Arrival4.5.1p3WindowsNoTexture problems, playable.Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
SMILE GUIDE: the apple escape5.3.2f1WindowsNoFlickering – shaders problems?User:Faalagorn2017-12-20
StarForge (delisted)4.5.5f1WindowsNoShader problems, needs LD_LIBRARY_PATH for libsteam.api.so.Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Stick it to The Man!4.3.2f1WindowsYesSeegras2016-01-13Blog post
Stranded Deep5.2.2f1WindowsNo'Not available on your current platform' Steam error.Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Subject 134.6.4f1WindowsYesNearly perfect. I've completed it without a crash, but I did encounter a couple of minor texture glitches.muntdefems2017-09-12GOG.com forums, GOGMix
Subnautica5.2.3f1WindowsNo'Not available on your current platform' Steam error.Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Tappy Plane5.3.4f1MacYesMyKubik2016-04-11Blog post
Tharsis?WindowsNoPink shaders.muntdefems2017-09-14GOG.com forums
The Dead Linger (delisted)4.6.0b20WindowsYesOld version – game switched to Unreal Engine later. Some black textures.Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
The Forest5.1.5f1WindowsNoDoesn't let you launch into a new game.User:Interknet2017-05-31
The Hat Man: Shadow Ward4.3.4f1WindowsYesSeegras2016-01-13Blog post
The Sexy Brutale5.3.6p5WindowsNoUser:Hummer0102017-10-01GOG.com forums, Google Sheets
The Swindle4.6.3f1WindowsYesNeeds Steamworks libraries in the runtime for it to work. Apparently perfect (only played for 10 minutes).muntdefems2017-12-15GOG.com forums, GOGMix
The Tower5.1.2f1WindowsNoShader problems.Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Theatre Of The Absurd3.5.0f5WindowsNoUnsupported (pre-Unity 4).Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Them - The Summoning3.4.2f2WindowsNoUnsupported (pre-Unity 4).Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Train Town4.5.0f6WindowsYesSeegras2016-01-13Blog post
Toren4.3.4f1WindowsYesApparently perfect (only played for 10 minutes).muntdefems2017-12-15GOG.com forums, GOGmix
Toren Deluxe Edition4.3.4f1WindowsYesApparently perfect (only played for 10 minutes).muntdefems2017-12-15GOG.com forums, GOGmix
Treeker: The Lost Glasses5.1.2f1WindowsNoShader problems, playable.Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Truffle Saga3.5.7f6WindowsNoUnsupported (pre-Unity 4).Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta - Episode 1 - Gold Edition3.5.7b1WindowsNoUnsupported (pre-Unity 4).Seegras2016-01-13Blog post
Urja4.5.4f1WindowsYesSeegras2016-01-13Blog post
Year Walk4.5.5f1WindowsYesSeegras2016-01-13Blog post
Human Fall Flat2017.4.13f1MacYesDownload via depotUser:Interknet2019-10-08
Clone Drone in the Danger Zone2018.3.11f1MacYesDownload via depotUser:Interknet2019-10-13

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