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Downloading WebTools. After you have everything running, you need to download the. Just noticed HEVC streams are able to Direct Play when using the web player in the latest Safari on Big Sur! Not sure how long this has been possible but it's a pretty major improvement for me to not have to ask people to download and only use the Plex for Mac app.

Plex i the perfect piece of oftware, whether you're an explorer, home theater lover, or ju t looking for an ea y way to manage all of their per onal media file .The application pre ent your video


Plex is the perfect piece of software, whether you're an explorer, home theater lover, or just looking for an easy way to manage all of their personal media files.

The application presents your videos, music and images in beautiful libraries, which you can then transfer to various devices.

Unsupported App Store Plex Mac Download Windows 10

However, one of the best features of the app is Plex Channels. Some of the channels are official and available through the Plex Channel Directory. Others are unofficial and only available through the Unsupported AppStore.

Here are the best unofficial Plex channels you should check out.

How to install an unsupported Plex app store

Before you can watch the channels we are going to recommend, you need to install the Unsupported Plex AppStore


First download the WebTools plugin from GitHub. Once the download is complete, extract the file and make sure the new directory is called WebTools.bundle.

Then move the folder to the Plex plugins folder. You will find it in % LOCALAPPDATA% Plex Media Server on Windows and ~ / Library / Application Support / Plex Media Server / on Mac. The unsupported AppStore is part of the WebTools plugin.

To access the store, open your browser and enter the IP address of your Plex Media Server and then : 33400... Sign in with your Plex credentials and click UAS in the left pane to launch it.

A warning: The following channels are not supported by Plex. As such, they may be incomplete, become buggy, or even stop working altogether.

1.C More sports

Never let anyone tell you that cutting the cord means you will miss out on live news and sports; it's just not true. Easily watch live news on Plex

and C More provides an opportunity to watch live sports broadcasts.

C More Sport is a Scandinavian broadcaster that shows live football, ATP tournaments, European hockey, NBA, UFC and more.

2. FilmOn

FilmOn has been a great way to legally watch UK TV networks from anywhere in the world for free. Today the channels are paid access.

However, the app still boasts over 600 non-paywall channels, so there's a lot to see.

3. Full Movies on Reddit

Reddit is a treasure trove of movie content. This add-on extracts data from seven child subsections: / r / FullMoviesDailyMotion, / r / FullMoviesOnGoogle, / r / FullMoviesOnline, / r / FullMoviesOnVimeo, / r / FullMoviesOnYouTube, / r / FullTVShowsOnVimeo, and / r / FullTV.

Make sure you have legal permission to view the content before clicking Play.

4. Democracy now

'Democracy Now' - Well-established in the world of American political broadcasting Content tends to be focused on investigative journalism, although there are healthy doses of regular news.

The show has won numerous journalism awards in its 22 years of existence.

5. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a vast repository of old music videos, movies, and TV shows. You can find materials such as The Adventures of Robin Hood, the 1955 version of Fasting and Rage, and Haunted House.

6. ITV player

If you live in the UK, you can use the unofficial version of ITV Player to access all of the network's latest on-demand shows.

Non-residents will need to use the VPN as ExpressVPN (Save up to 49% using this link) or CyberGhost (get 6 months free using this link).

7. LiveLeak

LiveLeak is a UK video sharing site. It's less strict than YouTube on what it allows users to download, which often results in some pretty edgy content.

8. MTV networks

If you like the type of show broadcast by former music channels, you need to install this plugin.

You can get old episodes from channels like MTV, VH1, CMT, and LogoTV.

9. NBC Sports

If you don't know, NBC Sports publishes many videos on their official website. It features the highlights of the Premier League as well as the latest news from the NHL, NFL, NASCAR and more.

Unsupported app store plex mac downloads

The plugin fetches all videos from the website and makes them available in the Plex app.

10. The old time of cinema

Old Movie Time is an online repository of classic films from the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s.

We pointed to the same channel when discussing the best private Roku channels

For more information, see an article elsewhere on the site.

11. CW Seed


CW Seed is an online fork of the CW Television Network. It contains content specifically created for the web with a particular focus on animation, game shows, and comedy.

Some of the most famous web series include How to Become a Vampire, Freedom Fighters: Ray, and Constantine: City of Demons.

12. USTV now

USTV is now another name that will be familiar to many cord cutters.

Unsupported Appstore Plex Mac Download

The service is intended for expats and US military personnel. The free package includes CW, ABC, PBS, and CBS. For $ 19 a month, you also get FOX, AMC, Bravo, Nickelodeon, and more.

USTV now also offers some on-demand TV shows and movies.

13. Websites

Sites can pull videos from YouTube, Daily Motion, and Vimeo shows and then display them in the Plex library for easy viewing.

It also offers an RSS feed. Whenever one of your favorite shows appears on it, Webisodes will make the video available.

14. Spotify

There is no official Spotify plugin for Plex. However, if you have a Spotify premium account, you can use this unofficial channel to listen to your music.

As with many third-party Spotify services, this channel requires a paid subscription. This is just one of the many reasons why it is worth paying for Spotify.


15. TuneIn

Likewise, there is no official TuneIn radio plugin. But once again, the Plex community has stepped up to provide a solution.

The TuneIn channel boasts many of the same features as the regular app. You can even log into your account for one-to-one listening.


16. IMDb Trailers

If you want to keep up to date with the latest movies, install IMDb Trailers. This allows you to play thousands of commercials directly from the IMDb website.

17. Link TV

Link TV is a US ad-free network that relies solely on contributions from viewers and other funds to fund it.

It offers news, documentaries, music, and civic content. France24 provides programming news. Plus, you'll often see English-language content from Deutsche Welle and NHK.


Webcomic XKCD has earned itself cult status since its launch in 2005. Comics usually use either mathematics, programming, or science. This is becoming essential reading these days for anyone working or interested in such fields.

The strip has won countless web awards.

19. Facebook

If you are a Facebook user, you might be interested in the unofficial Facebook channel. It can show your news feed and photo library through the Plex interface.

20. Library of updates

We end the list with a practical channel.

From time to time, the developers of these channels will release updates. Usually, you will need to re-enter the App Store and update each one manually. Updating the library removes this issue. Just click the icon and it will install all available updates for your channels.

Keep digging for more Plex gems

Unsupported Apps Plex

The Unsupported AppStore has over 170 channels. Apart from videos, music and photos, they cover everything from subtitles to metadata. If these handpicked channels aren't enough to satisfy you, dig in and see what else you can find.

Plex Unsupported App Store

And when you're finally happy, make sure you grab the best Plex plugins to enhance your Plex experience. If you're ready to upgrade your Plex hardware, take a look at these turnkey Plex NAS solutions.

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