Usb Encryption Software For Mac

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Connect the USB device to the computer and move the target files to the computer. And then download and install the Rar Sharp software. Click Add to add target files to encrypt. And then click Encrypt Zip. Create a password in the pop up window. The files are thus locked. It is a method of using encryption with volumes on Mac computers. Encryption and decryption are performed on the fly. This software is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 and higher versions. And helps users to unlock a wide range of storage devices like external hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card and etc. On Mac with the encryption password. Gpg4usb is free software, and it is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). If you want to give it a try, please get our latest release here or visit our download section, get the files and unzip it. USB Safeguard is a portable utility that can be used to encrypt your drives. Just like the other USB encryption software, USB Safeguard also uses the AES-256 algorithm to encrypt files, folders, and drives. The UI is fairly minimal with just the right amount of options required to encrypt drives.

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There are two types of computer system, they are Windows and Mac OS. You probably know the methods to encrypt USB devices in Windows. But how to encrypt a USB drive in Mac OS? Find the detailed steps in this article.


As a removable storage device, there are certainly important files insides. However, files in the USB drive can be pirated, copied or lost. In order to avoid this kind of problem, it is necessary to encrypt the USB disks.
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Having good USB security software is absolutely essential. This software help to keep your documents, data and other information protected from theft and accidental disclosures. Today we have compiled a list of the best and most efficient USB security software.


These programs are tried and tested and have acquired excellent reviews from users. The data in the USB remains unharmed and protected with the assistance of this software. Here’s the list:

Rohos Disk Encryption

Rohos Mini Drive is a USB port security software that provides security and protection to the pen drive by creating an encrypted partition on the disk that is hidden. This easy to set up software intuitively and instantly detects any flash drive that has been inserted into the computer. The software also offers the feature of password protection.

Usb Encryption Software For Mac


Created by IDRIX, VeraCrypt is a free of cost encryption program that keeps the user’s USB protected and secure. Compatible with most leading operating systems, including Mac, Linux, Windows and several others, this program protects the USB from malicious malware and attacks. The program creates an encryption partition that makes it very difficult for hackers to access vital information on the USB device.

Secure Stick

Secure Stick is a USB security and protection software that encrypts files on the flash drive and does not allow access to them without a password entry. Compatible with most of the latest versions of Windows operating systems, this program also allows the user to decrypt the file if required. Although a paid program, one can test the 7 day trial version of the program that’s offered by the developers.

Kakasoft USB Security 2.20

The encryption technique of this USB Disk security software is of high strength, keeping all the data and information of the user’s USB protected. This lightweight USB security software free. download full version is also available in a paid alternative. The entire external drive can be protected with this software and the program also offers the feature of password protection.


ZBShareware is a USB port security software that is absolutely free of cost. It prevents any sort of known as well as unknown threats that maybe received from the USB storage. ZBShareware is one of the leading USB security antivirus programs that protects the computer even when it is offline. ZBShareware is compatible with most leading antivirus programs.


Cypherix is a free of cost encryption program that protects and secures data and information on pen drives. Compatible with all the versions of the Windows operating system, this program can be installed onto a USB or removable drive directly. The program offers the feature of decryption as well as encryption of files.


StorageCrypt is a free of cost and easy to set up USB security software. Created by Magiclab Software this program offers the features of password protection and encryption of removable drives. The program is a completely portable one and does not require installation. The software has an user friendly interface too.


Kashu is a USB security software created and developed in Japan. It completely be totally locks the USB device, thus preventing loss or theft or any kind of mishap with vital information and data. The program also offers the feature of password protection. Without entering of the password, the user cannot add or delete any data or information to and from the pen drive.

What is USB Security Software?

USB Security Software are programs that keep the data and information stored on a flash drive or external disk safe from any harm. The installation of these programs prevents hackers from easily accessing vital and too security data from flash drives. They also prevent the pen drive from getting attacked by malicious malware. The USB Security Software programs encrypt the important files and do not allow access to them without the password key. People who work on public computers must have USB Security Software to prevent any mishaps from occurring with the data and information that they have stored on their pen drives. The beauty of the USB Security programs is that they block unknown threats that can damage or compromise your personal data in your USB stick. These software programs act like an antivirus for USB devices and are an absolute must have for those storing confidential information on their flash drives.

How to Install the USB Security Software

Installation of the USB Security software programs is easy. The first step is to download the program from the given link. The given link will redirect you to the download page. Hit the download button and once the download is complete then comes the installation process. In the case of certain programs, installation of the software on the PC is compulsory, while in the case of some of the other programs, the programs are portable and can be directly installed and used from the USB device without the need of installation on the computer.

How To Encrypt A Usb Drive For Mac And Windows

Target Audience and Benefits of the USB Security Software

In terms of the target audience, almost anyone and everyone can install and use the USB Security software. However, large-scale organizations, people who have confidential and important information on their pen drives, government employees, lawyers, chartered accountants, doctors, research teams and various others use the USB Security software. Companies where multiple people use the same computer often install the USB Security Software in their PCs to prevent accidental disclosure of information. Also, people who use public computers install the portable version of the USB security software on their pen drives for safety.

USB Security Software is extremely beneficial because it prevents the data and information in the pen drive or external disk from being hacked or stolen or even accidentally disclosed. Further, it also prevents from malicious anti-viruses from entering into the USB Disk and damaging the information on it as well as damaging the contents on your computer.

USB Security Software for Windows

Usb Encryption Software For Mac

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect USB Security Software with crack for Windows operating system we have the best program for you. The USB Disk Security by Zbshareware is free of cost program that prevents any malicious malware from destroying or accidentally disclosing any important information from your pen drive. This password protected program keeps the data on the flash drive safe and away from

USB Security Software For Android

Usb Encryption Software For Mac And Windows

USBFix8.156 is USB Security Software file hippo download. It is compatible with all Android devices and prevents the files from the pen drives from being infected or accidentally disclosed. This free of cost program also has the capability of repairing damaged files and data and also backs up the files and folders.

USB Security Software for Mac

LaCie Private Public is a free of cost USB Security software that is compatible with the Mac Operating System. The simple and straightforward interface makes it an absolute delight for users. The program offers the features password protection and does not even require and installation on the computer.

Some More Noteworthy and Amazing USB Security Software

Besides the above-mentioned list of software, there are tons of other noteworthy USB security software available in the market. Some of these include USB Threat Defender, McAfee Virus Scan USB, USB Immunizer, Panda USB Vaccine, Ninja Pendisk, USB Guardian and various others.

Best USB Security Software Of 2016

DiskCryptor is one of the most popular and noteworthy USB Security software of 2016. The high strength encryption algorithm of this program keeps files and documents on your pen drive protected from viruses and accidental disclosure. This program also offers the feature of password protection and system boot loading.

File Encryption Software For Mac

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