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Due to an excess of caution, we have disabled Wireless Xbox 360 controller support as of 0.16.6. If you want to use a wireless controller, download 0.16.5 or earlier and disable the driver before the computer enters a 'sleep' state in order to prevent kernel panics. Alternatively, you can revert to a macOS version before 10.11 to avoid this. Xbox 360 free download - Xbox 360 Controller, Xbox Browser, PhotoCapture 360, and many more programs.

You can download sources and binaries for all Apache Velocity projects from here.

  • Downloads
  • Production releases
    • Velocity Engine 2.3
    • Velocity Tools 3.1
  • Alpha/Beta Releases
  • Archived Components Releases

Mirror Selection¶

The currently selected mirror is https://dlcdn.apache.org/. If you encounter a problem with this mirror, please select another mirror. If all mirrors are failing, there are backup mirrors (at the end of the mirrors list) that should be available.

You may also consult the complete list of mirrors.

Verifying integrity of downloaded files¶

It is essential that you verify the integrity of all downloaded files using the PGP and/or SHA signatures.

The PGP links download the OpenPGP compatible signature from our main site.The SHA links download the checksum from the main site.None of these should be downloaded from the mirrors.

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Here are the Apache Velocity PGP KEYS used to sign the files.

Production releases¶

These releases are considered stable and suitable for production.

Velocity Engine 2.3¶

Be sure to check the release notes and the dependencies.


  • velocity-engine-core, the core templating engine
  • velocity-engine-scripting, the JSR223 scripting engine
  • spring-velocity-support, Spring framework integration support classes of the engine
  • velocity-engine-examples, a zip file of simple examples for the engine
  • velocity-custom-parser-example, a pom.xml example demonstrating parser customization

Inclusion as a maven dependency¶

Replace velocity-engine-core with velocity-engine-scripting to include the scripting engine, or with spring-velocity-support to include the Spring integration support. Both will include velocity-engine-core as a dependency.



POM Files¶




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Velocity Tools 3.1¶



  • velocity-tools-generic, the generic tools
  • velocity-tools-view, the view tools, meant to be used in a J2EE webapp
  • velocity-tools-view-jsp, the view tools JSP extension

Inclusion as a maven dependency¶

Use one of:

Each of those modules will include the previous one as a dependency. But note that velocity-tools-view-jsp is still in 3.0.


Generic Toolsvelocity-tools-generic-3.1.jar[PGP][SHA256]
View Toolsvelocity-tools-view-3.1.jar[PGP][SHA256]
JSP View Tools (3.0)velocity-tools-view-jsp-3.0.jar[PGP][SHA256]

POM Files¶

Generic Toolsvelocity-tools-generic-3.1.pom[PGP][SHA256]
View Toolsvelocity-tools-view-3.1.pom[PGP][SHA256]
JSP View Tools (3.0)velocity-tools-view-jsp-3.0.pom[PGP][SHA256]


Generic Toolsvelocity-tools-generic-3.1-javadoc.jar[PGP][SHA256]
View Toolsvelocity-tools-view-3.1-javadoc.jar[PGP][SHA256]
JSP View Tools (3.0)velocity-tools-view-jsp-3.0-javadoc.jar[PGP][SHA256]


Generic Toolsvelocity-tools-generic-3.1-sources.jar[PGP][SHA256]
View Toolsvelocity-tools-view-3.1-sources.jar[PGP][SHA256]
JSP View Tools (3.0)velocity-tools-view-jsp-3.0-sources.jar[PGP][SHA256]

Or clone the github mirror repository and checkout the 3.1 tag:

Alpha/Beta Releases¶

These releases are not considered production-ready but they might contain new features or bug fixes that are not yet in the production release.


There are no current Alpha or Beta releases of the Engine project.


There are no current Alpha or Beta releases of the Tools project.

Archived Components Releases¶


Binaries and sources:

  • anakia-1.0.zip [PGP] [SHA1]
  • anakia-1.0.tar.gz [PGP] [SHA1]


Binaries and sources:

  • texen-1.0.zip [PGP] [SHA1]
  • texen-1.0.tar.gz [PGP] [SHA1]



  • velocity-dvsl-1.0.zip [PGP] [SHA1]
  • velocity-dvsl-1.0.tar.gz [PGP] [SHA1]


  • velocity-dvsl-1.0-src.zip [PGP] [SHA1]
  • velocity-dvsl-1.0-src.tar.gz [PGP] [SHA1]

Older Releases¶

Older versions of the Apache Velocity projects are available from our archive site, and documented here:

Unless otherwise stated, the most current release of the Apache Velocity projects is considered the best release and should be used for development and new projects. These older releases are mainly for maintenance purposes and archaeological interests.

Source Code Repository¶

You can download the source code to each Apache Velocity project directly from our apache gitbox repositories or from our github mirrors (which are preferable if you intend to open a pull request). Here you get logs, change histories and all the information necessary to follow the development process. If you are interested in the project development, please join the Apache Velocity development list.

ProjectApache Gitbox RepositoryGithub Repository

Ready to experience Velocity? Download the latest stable version or the latest development version:

Velocity Xbox 360 Mac Download Free

After you download Velocity...

We're so glad you're on board. Here's a few things you'll want to do:

Get Velocity set up

Check out our wiki on how get started with Velocity.

Join our welcoming community

We're on Discord, GitHub, and our forums.


Check out our extensive wiki — often the answer will be there. Otherwise come ask us on Discord and we'll be able to help.

Other versions

Velocity 1.1.9

Caution!The Velocity 1.1.x series will soon reach its end of life. Updates to Velocity 1.1.x to fix bugs will continue until the release of Minecraft 1.18.

Velocity 1.0.10

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Caution!The Velocity 1.0.x series is no longer supported by the Velocity team. You will not be able to obtain support. This download is provided for archival and historical purposes only.