Wii Usb Loader 4.3U Download

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Okay the biggest problem I ran into when i softmoded my Wii was finding a tutorial specific to the type of Wii I had at the time(4.3u) This works for any Wii running 4.3U including Black and Red Wiis. This will install The homebrew channel on your Wii aswell as the USB Loader GX channel on your wii so you don't have to open up homebrew to.

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  • Wii Flow 4.2.1 is designed to be dynamic and animated, next to USB Loader GX a widely used USB Loader. Wii Flow has In-build support for loading backed up games from an SD card. Wii Flow is a well designed alternative to USB Loader GX. Download Wii Flow 4.2.1 2019 updated below: Wii Flow 4.2.1 2019.zip. Wii Flow 4.2.1 2019.zipmirror See related.
  • Wii iso USB Loader Channel used to be compatible only with wbfs - Wii Backup File System, but now it works with normal NTSC formated external hdd to Load wad usb gx loader 5. Iso hdd loader without modchip on Wii that has a softmod or hardware drivechip mod chip from Wiikey modchip factory.
  • USB Loader GX will automatically detect when a disc is inserted in the system and offer you to rip it to the hard drive. You can also press the + icon on the bottom left (on the default theme) to get this menu.
  • However, the USB Loader guide DOES work if you are on 4.2 and want to hack your Wii. We are testing 4.3 soon. We are testing 4.3 soon. You can read about the problems with 4.2 and 4.3 on our Firmware page and the WiiBrew 4.2 and WiiBrew 4.3 articles.

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Wii SD USB Loader installation

Requirements -

  1. USB-Loader_v1.zip (or 3rd party port)
  2. Wii which can run Homebrew
  3. IOS36-64-v1042.wad *
  4. cIOS36_rev9-Installer.zip
  5. USB Mass Storage Device **

* This is required only if you are using an offline connection for installation of the cIOS.

** You can use a hard drive or a key chain for this. But some devices are not supported.

( Instead of modding youw Wii with a Wii Mod-Chip - you can Unlock it wiht a software-mod tool)

Environment –

  1. Nintendo Wii v4.0U
  2. v4.0U via Waninkoko's Update
  3. Homebrew Channel v0.9
  4. Wabasi Zero (Modchip)
  5. Windows XP Computer
  6. SanDisk Titanium 8GB USB Keychain

Preparation –


To sum up, first you have to run the cIOS Installer on an offline or online connection. Second, run the USB Loader which will format your USB device and thus will prepare it. Third, as your USB drive is ready after formatting, you can add your legal backup collection to it.

You have two zip files; extract/unzip their contents in separate folders. There is a .dol file in each of the two folders, rename both the files to “boot.dol”. Remember to put the “IOS36-64-v1042.wad” file into the 'cIOS36_rev9-Installer' folder if you are using an “offline” connection.

Now, you have to copy both the extracted folders to your SD card. Hold your Wii and insert the SD card into it. Switch on the Wii and next launch the Homebrew Channel.

Locate the cIOS36_rev9-Installer and launch it. Now, press the button “A” agreeing to the Disclaimer.

Wii Usb Loader 4.3U Download

Next, select the installation mode as “Network Installation” or “WAD Installation” and wait a few minutes to get it installed.

Wii Usb Loader 4.3U Download Windows 7

After the installation is complete, just reset the Wii by pressing any key.

Usage –

Now, have your USB device plugged in and then launch the USB-Loader v1. If you get a message as shown in the above picture then it is likely that your USB device is not supported.

If you get a message which asks you to format your USB device in a new WBFS format, then everything is fine and your USB device is supported too.

Now, choose a partition which you want to format. To continue, press the button “A”.

Now, a list of games will be displayed to you together with the current size of free space and used space available. Now, choose an original game to dump it to your USB device. Insert it to your Wii and press the button “+”. If you want to use backups instead of original, then you must have a modchip installed in your Wii.

After you press “+” it will again prompt you whether you want to install the game or not.

Now wait a few seconds….

Now the installation of your game has been completed. To add more games, just repeat the above given steps and gear up to play your favorite games on it. The remaining GUI is self-explanatory.

Wii Homebrew - USB Loader - Download Wii ISO Game Torrents

Updated version of the HDD USB Loader that is compatible with WiiU consoles. cIOS compatibility still has to be sorted out, but the good news is that it does work and you can lounch games.

Wii Usb Loader 4.3u Download Mac

With the WiiU Homebrew Channel you can run homebrew and soon you will be able to launch commercial Wii isos from the HDD